• Art I Heart
  • Shadow Of A Wedding

    Colby and I have been talking (ALOT) lately about how a great title for a movie would be “Shadow of a Goose”.  In fact, Colby is working on the screenplay as we speak.  So naturally, I worked it into the title of this post.  And how appropriately since we’re talking about a little wedding invitation […]

  • Caught On Video
  • Garter Ceremony Video Uncensored

    We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post (it was boring anyway…just rug stuff) to bring you another little sneak peak from our wedding.  We got a cd in the mail the other day from some family friends that was LOADED with amazing wedding images.  Images and…images and…wait for it…MOVIES!  I’m still going through all the […]

  • Organization
  • Where Did That RSVP Go?

    For months, we’ve had stacks of RSVP cards from our wedding sitting around.  They sat around on our desk for awhile, then migrated to the table where they sat around some more, and finally sat for the last time inside a drawer in the parlor office space. But I couldn’t bear the thought of the […]

  • Art I Heart
  • Back At One

    Lately, I’ve been up to my eyeballs sorting through wedding stuff.  Packing up stuff, putting it all away, bring order back into our lives, and most importantly trying to re-purpose leftover wedding paraphernalia.  Everything from house plants to table runner fabrics and even these table numbers. What in the world am I to do with […]

  • Wedding Wednesday
  • Wedding Sneak Peak

    Whew!  The whirlwind that has been these last few weeks before our wedding has finally come to a close!  It’s official…we’re married! I just wanted to stop in and tell you that A) we’re alive and B) we went through with it (no fleeing the alter for either of us) and we’re officially married!  Woohoo! […]

  • Wedding Wednesday
  • Wedding Week: The Guest Book

    And the full on wedding crunch time stress mode has hit me.  Hard…reall hard.  Maybe that’s because I didn’t even start to think about the guest book until last week.  That doesn’t help things out much.  But when it came to the guest book, I had no idea what I wanted, but I did have […]

  • Crafty Time
  • Wedding Week: Card Cage

    This weekend has been nuts…certifiably nuts.  It was our last free weekend before the wedding week festivities kick off and we had ALOT to get done.  Most every major task has already been taken care of (minus the final DJ meeting but that’s scheduled for Monday after work) so now it’s down to the little […]

  • Crafty Time
  • Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Undies

    So for today’s Wedding Wednesday post, as the title implies, we’re gonna talk undies.  Or maybe a more appropriate title should have been “Making My Momma Proud” since I’m revealing my underoos on the blogosphere.  I told you…my mom is so proud right now of her daughter.  Yes…I DIY-ed myself some panties for our wedding. […]

  • Wedding Wednesday
  • Wedding Wednesday: My Momma’s Sew Amazing

    This past Saturday my Mom came down for a visit and to help me work on a few wedding related craft projects.  I desperately wanted the help…like begging and groveling at her feet desperately needed the help.  I’m up to my eyeballs in stamping favor boxes, making favor card name tags, and sewing tulle pom […]

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