Beam Me Up Colby

Assembled Kitchen Beam Cover

Warning...this post is loooooong!  As in I'm about to tell a few too many bad jokes (ie...a man walked into a bar...ouch...get it?!) and a few too many bad puns (case in point...this post's title).  So hold onto your britches folks...we're bringing … [Continue reading]

Pantry Party

Kitchen Pantry Pull Out Shelf Number 3

I'm so mad at Young House Love right now for stealing pretty much the only worthwhile pantry pun out there (you know...pants party/pantry party...Anchorman).  Actually not really, it's pretty much impossible to get mad at those two Young-Sters!  But … [Continue reading]

Pantry Shelves

Pull Out Kitchen Pantry Shelves

We owe you guys a pantry update.  Like a serious pantry update especially since we finished it this weekend (booyah!) AND organized it this weekend (double booyah!).  But last we left off on this little pantry shelf saga we were just getting around … [Continue reading]

XO Angie

Valentine's Day Glitter XO Letters

Badda bling, badda boom!  The first (pink) glittery, Valentine's Day crafty project is in the books.  Love! the form of a some gold and pink glittery "XO" letters which are currently hanging out on our bedroom dressers. This … [Continue reading]