Expose Yourself

Old Wood Sheathing In Kitchen Post Poly

We're fans of exposing things around these parts.  Well, let me clarify, exposing old elements of our home (sheesh...get your minds out of the gutter folks....although Colby sometimes...wait...I'm not gonna go here).  So when we last left off on this … [Continue reading]

Hanging High And Dry

Installing A Project Drying Rack

Alternate title for this post "How $9.32 And Twenty Minutes Saved My Sanity And Prevented Me From Pulling My Hair Out During The Holiday Shopping Craziness That Is Our Etsy Shop".  But I thought that might be too long of a title.  Consider yourselves … [Continue reading]

Happy Thanksgiving

Bread Stealing Dog Instagram

Happy Thanksgiving from a couple of turkeys and a Goose: May your stomach be bigger than your eyes as you wolf down all those Thanksgiving goodies!  Hope you all wore your Thanksgiving pants....I sure did!  Stretch pants for all! We're … [Continue reading]

Tying Up Loose Trim

Adding Trim To A Bead Board Ceiling

Starting projects...totally my jam...finishing projects...not so much.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who is a stellar project starter but then lets them kind of fizzle?!  Anywho, I needed to take some "workshop" photos for our shop listing on … [Continue reading]

The Shrubbery

Chain Saw To Take Down The Evergreen

"First you must find... another shrubbery! Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must place it here, beside this shrubbery..."  What?!  We're talking about shrubbery tonight on the blog so isn't it a given that we whip out Monty Python … [Continue reading]

August Monthly Roundup

DIY Anthro Rosette Lamp Shade

This is a slacker blogger alert from your local public address station.  It is October, I repeat, October, but yet we are recapping August's projects in a little monthly roundup.  At least with a month plus delay in recapping the month in projects … [Continue reading]