Our Porch Has 99 Problems

Porch Makeover Demo

Literally.  We have 99 porch problems.  I was trying to finish the sentence a-la Jay-Z style, "Our porch has 99 problems but a ______ ain't one" and couldn't think of a single thing that's okay with our porch. Sad.  So when we left off last week, we … [Continue reading]

Insta-Addicted July

Colby Trying Something

Earlier this week I was at my home away from home, otherwise known as the black hole that is Target, when I came across the ginormous, it's-taken-over-half-our-store, back to school section.  Just when I was about to unleash some serious sass on … [Continue reading]

Playing Pillows

Pillow Options From Target And Home Goods

So while I was galavanting around Atlanta...scratch that...the Hyatt in Atlanta for the Haven conference, I learned a few important things about myself.  One, I truly am meant to be a blogger/creative business owner...two, I can handle 7+ hours in an … [Continue reading]