It’s Not Vented Rip It Down

Porch With Windows Removed

Do you ever watch the TV show Holmes on Homes?  We do.  All the time.  Not that we ever watch it on purpose, it's just one of those shows that's always on.  A few years ago, right after we bought our little fixer upper of a home, we were watching an … [Continue reading]

Our Porch Has 99 Problems

Porch Makeover Demo

Literally.  We have 99 porch problems.  I was trying to finish the sentence a-la Jay-Z style, "Our porch has 99 problems but a ______ ain't one" and couldn't think of a single thing that's okay with our porch. Sad.  So when we left off last week, we … [Continue reading]

Insta-Addicted July

Colby Trying Something

Earlier this week I was at my home away from home, otherwise known as the black hole that is Target, when I came across the ginormous, it's-taken-over-half-our-store, back to school section.  Just when I was about to unleash some serious sass on … [Continue reading]

Playing Pillows

Pillow Options From Target And Home Goods

So while I was galavanting around Atlanta...scratch that...the Hyatt in Atlanta for the Haven conference, I learned a few important things about myself.  One, I truly am meant to be a blogger/creative business owner...two, I can handle 7+ hours in an … [Continue reading]