• Monthly Roundups
  • July Monthly Roundup

    Etsy Office With Coral Curtains

    Well, I guess since September is just around the corner, which means snow season in Maine is just around the corner (yup…I said it…you’re welcome for that happy memory of winters of yore), that it’s about time that I hopped to it and rounded up our July projects and general shenanigans.  Here we go. Rock […]

  • Decorating
  • Sheers And Shades

    Living Room With Shears And Bamboo Blinds

    So you remember a week-ish ago when we “played pillows“?  Probably not.  Heck, I almost don’t remember it it’s been so long ago!  Bad blogger…bad bad blogger.  But I have a reason!  Goooooood things are happening around these parts…super good things which I can’t quite spill the beans on everything just yet but come back […]

  • Insta-Addicted
  • Insta-Addicted July

    Colby Trying Something

    Earlier this week I was at my home away from home, otherwise known as the black hole that is Target, when I came across the ginormous, it’s-taken-over-half-our-store, back to school section.  Just when I was about to unleash some serious sass on Target for having their back to school stuff out so early I took […]

  • Decorating
  • Playing Pillows

    Pillow Options From Target And Home Goods

    So while I was galavanting around Atlanta…scratch that…the Hyatt in Atlanta for the Haven conference, I learned a few important things about myself.  One, I truly am meant to be a blogger/creative business owner…two, I can handle 7+ hours in an airport waiting for a flight as long as I have my laptop and a […]

  • Construction Knowledge
  • Water Based Vs. Oil Based Stain

    Oil Based Vs Water Based Stain

    Tonight’s behind the music stain is brought to you by Minwax.  It’s a battle royale of sorts.  Just picture that famous wrestling/boxer announcer dude in his booming voice going “IN THIS CORNER….WEIGHING IN AT 32 OUNCES….WAAAATER BASED STAAAAAAIIIIN…AND IN THIS CORNER…WEARING THE YELLOW…ALSO AT 32 OUNCES….OOOOOIIIIIIIILLLLL BASED STAIN!”  But seriously, this is a post about […]

  • Decorating
  • Here’s A Curtain, There’s A Curtain, Everywhere A Curtain Curtain

    Coral Threshold Curtains From Target

    I’m about to let you in on the deep, dark, inner workings of my brain, particularly with my thought process.  Women and small children, those who are pregnant or who could become pregnant should use caution before proceeding.  Officially consider yourself warned.  This evening…we’re talking about curtains with and underlying theme of my indecision.  And […]

  • Monthly Roundups
  • June Monthly Roundup

    Garden Fence

    Ummm…about time we got around to the June monthly roundup, huh?  After all, July is almost over.  June kind of got away from me there.  Every month, we like to take a load off all the crazy DIY we tackle to just sit back with our favorite adult beverage, and recap all that we’ve accomplished […]

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