New Home

Yes, that’s right, we’ve got a new home situation.  No….it’s not what you’re thinking.  We’re not selling our house, sheesh, there are still too many adventures to be had here!  We’ve got a new home alright but it’s a new home for the dog.  And by new home, we don’t mean that we’re getting rid of our beloved pooch, although he does have his moments!  Goose has a new home in our kitchen.  You see, he went through this puppy stage where we couldn’t keep dog beds in stock at casa de Colby & Angie.  As soon as we bought a new one for him, he chewed it up.  So last year when Goose destroyed the couch (as seen here) we kept the old couch cushions and used them as “dog beds”.  Well, Goose is FINALLY somewhat over his chewing phase and we couldn’t be happier.  So we said goodbye to the old dog bed couch cushion and upgraded to a swanky new dog crate and bed.  Here is Colby with Goose saying their goodbyes to the last remains of the couch:

What you can’t tell is that cushion used to be about twice as big but Goose has since gone to town demolishing it.  And here’s the new home:

When we brought Goose home as a puppy we crate trained him, so he is no stranger to a crate and actually enjoys them.  It’s his little home within our home.  The best part of this new crate is that it’s easily portable.  The crate collapses flat, it’s super light, and there’s even a handle.  I have to admit there are moments when we travel with the dog when it’s nice to have a crate with us.  For instance, when we went camping last month we brought the crate and stuck him in it at night while we were sleeping.  We even zipped it up so he wouldn’t escape the tent.  He learned very quickly that he could stick his nose out the corner of the tent door and go for night runs on his own.  And that dog can run around for hours!  Goose loves his new home, but I think he still misses the old couch and it’s cushions.  He has quickly taken to the ottomon as his replacement perch:

And our curtains don’t normally look like that.  We tend to loop them up and around the curtain rod when we’re sweeping/mopping.  Contrary to popular belief, we do in fact clean our home.

Psst:  We’re going through some changes here at Angie’s Roost (formerly just Angie’s Blog).  I’m doing a little revamping/reorganizing since celebrating our 100th post yesterday!  Woo to the hoo!  I’m trying to better organize posts and make it easier for you all to read and comment on so bear with me as I play around with themes.  I’m trying to find THE perfect theme that has everything I want but no luck so far and I’m too cheap to pay $30 to customize my current theme.  You know me, I love to save a buck!  So if things are looking a little different or wonky, that’s what’s up!  So happy reading!

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