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April Monthly Roundup

Another month, another roundup of all the posts and projects going on here at the roost.  This month’s roundup is coming a day earlier than normal, mostly because tomorrow is an extra special day to Colby and I.  Any guesses as to what it might be?  Hint…it’s not OUR anniversary (hint hint) but may be an anniversary of another kind.

Take Me Higher:  First up, we did a little sprucification of the craft room which included raising the curtain rods so the curtains fell at a more appropriate length then patched/painted the walls.  It was one of those live and learn moments.  I also took a few minutes (more like hours) to poly the craft room trim.  Another one of those nagging projects of 2012.

Grass Attack:  April is mud season in Maine, so what better time to attack work on the lawn.  We leveled it out, seeded it, hayed it, and have been watching it grow all month…so far so good but we have a loooooong way to go to get a meaner, greener lawn!

Birds of a Feather:  Flock together.  And in our case, a pair of garden birds flocked to our home via an Easter present from my Grandma and Aunt.

On The Wedding Front:  Major progress was made.  We purchased seeds to grow our own wedding flowers, went a little birch besserk and found amazing centerpiece inspiration, drooled over bridal dress hangers, and picked out our wedding party apparel.  Progress progress.  Next steps…invitations and centerpieces!

Pinterest In Real Life:  I took Pinterest to a tangible level and created an idea book to store all my magazine clippings and notes.

Hallway Floor Refinishing Saga:  We got back on the DIY mess making train by sanding and staining our hallway floor a rich, dark walnut color.  We finished up the project by polying the hallway floor, which proved muchos difficult-os!  On a side note…I’m trying to live with the skunk stripe in the floor but it’s just not happening.  That baby is getting fixed in the next week!

Easter Garden Time:  We spent Easter Sunday afternoon cruising around the Bangor Garden Show scoping out tons of gardening ideas.  Summer…would you please arrive soon?  I have some gardening to do.  Thank you!

Craft Room Go Time:  After letting the dust settle fumes air out after the refresh of the old office turned craft room, I officially set up the craft room and moved all the craft stuff into the room.  It’s definitely a work in progress and has gone through about 8 re-configs since then.  More on that later.

Wined Down:  I tackled another nagging project this month and, after over a year, stained and polyed the wine rack which Colby built me last year.  I totally dig the gray stain and on a side note, I’ve started stocking up!

Angie & Goose’s Day Of Fun:  Thanks to a dead hard drive on my day job computer, I took a random day off and spent it having some serious fun!  You really can’t get much better than an 80 degree day in Maine in April and ice cream for lunch!

A Garden Bench For Me:  Colby built a potting bench.  Yippee!  It’s amazing and awesome and I can’t wait until it warms up so I can use it more!

Earth Day Celebration Gone Clean:  We celebrated Earth Day here at the roost by switching over to greener cleaners with Method being the cleaner of choice.  So far so good!

Entry Re-Do:  Now that winter is officially over (fingers crossed we don’t get a freak May snowstorm…it happens), we revamped the entry with a minor entry floor refinishing and re-styled space.

Care Package Numero Dos:  Apparently I’m Spanish tonight.  Anyway…we received care package number two from Uncle Marcus, this time filled with old linens, fabrics, and Vermont keepsakes.

Here Piggy Piggy:  I took a hand me down pig tray (as in a tray painted with pig pics) and refinished the tray with paint and fabric.  Farm animal decor…not my thing…turquoise fabric…bliss!

And there we have it.  Another month of fun and projects all wrapped up in one little package.  April was kind of the calm before the storm.  We finished up some small, nagging projects, played decorator, and had some fun.  May brings some epic shakeups and major projects which I can’t wait to share with you all!  It involves demo!

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