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August Monthly Roundup

This is a slacker blogger alert from your local public address station.  It is October, I repeat, October, but yet we are recapping August’s projects in a little monthly roundup.  At least with a month plus delay in recapping the month in projects and general shenanigans, they all seem a little new and exciting.  You know, like when you’re in your early thirties looking through your old high school yearbooks and start poking fun of the sweet perm you were sporting.  Good times, good times, delicious dish (please tell me you fellow high school perm sporters remember “Delicious Dish” from SNL circa 1998?!).

Etsy Success Tips:  We had some crazy early success with our Etsy shop when we opened up in May.  So we recapped what we learned about Etsy in the first few months of opening our shop.  Everything from packaging tips, dealing with damages, and my favorite the three P’s of Etsy (product, price and photography).

Inspired Design Challenge Anthropologie:  Our bedroom lamp shades were a tad on the boring white side.  So we used the Anthropologie rosette lamp shades for inspiration and performed an Anthropologie-esque lamp shade makeover.  It only took about four Red Sox games and twelve beers…definitely not a one (hour) and done kind of project.

Holy Haven Mavens:  I went to my first blog conference in early August, the Haven Conference.  Not only did I learn so much about the blog world and how to make my blog absolutely amazeballs (although…following through with that blog plan is a whole other story), but also had a blast!  Here’s to Haven 2014!

In This Corner:  We did a little water based vs oil based stain trial.  In my book, oil based stain pulled through for the win but it was a squeaker!  But the ease of use and color of the oil based stain trumped its pain of cleanup.

Fly Like An Eagle:  For the final installment of our Inspired Design Challenge, I painted an old switch plate cover that we originally removed from our house and even distressed it a bit using a candle wax trick.

Pillow Panache:  Yeah, our couch has it now.  Pillow panache.  After a day of “playing Pillows” and trying out all possible combinations of my favorite pillows, we picked a combo and upgraded our couch pillow situation.

Shears And Shades:  The couch couldn’t have all the fun, we also upgraded the living room window treatments with some cheap shears from Target and some budget friendly bamboo blinds from Lowes.

Inspired Design Challenge Recap:  We came, we saw, we inspired design conquered.  And recapped the entire Inspired Design Challenge in all its highlight glory.  Some of my favorite projects from the challenge included Lindsey’s light fixture, Sara’s jewelry organizer, Jennifer’s pillows, and Kristin’s art.  Seriously talented and amazing women!  Then there was my awkward self thrown in the mix.  Who invited this girl?!

The Cheap Basket:  I love a good basket.  Better yet, I love a good CHEAP basket.  I picked up a $5 basket from a local antiques store and gave the green basket a white spray painting makeover.  SO much improved.

The One That Got Away:  We had ourselves one of those moments.  You know, the one where you find your dream home, it’s amazing, you want to buy it on the spot, but your house is by no means ready for sale…wop, wop, wop.  Although, even if we were ready for sale, we still probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on dream home.  Oh…and it was affordable too!  AFFORDABLE dream home.  It was just on the wrong side of town.  But now we’re invigorated to finish up our current home so when dream home part deux comes around, we’re ready for it.

Ship Shape:  I bought a ship art print from Etsy back in December.  Yes, December.  And finally framed and hung said ship art.  Why?!  Why do I wait so long to do such simple projects yet I’m the first to volunteer to start ripping apart and fixing all eleven of our porch windows?!  Which we still haven’t finished!

So there you have it.  August in projects.  Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow and recap September?!  Cough cough…slacker…cough cough.

Pssst…What did you guys all tackle back in August?  Or does your memory fail you like it does mine since it was sooooo long ago!


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