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August Monthly Roundup

And with joy…absolute, pure joy…I bring you the August monthly roundup.  August was a pretty big month around the roost this year…probably one of the best months of my life.  Why?!  Because (caution…upcoming sky high sappy moment) I married my best friend!  No…not Heather…she’s just the hetero lifemate…Colby and I got hitched!  So I bring you a very wedding-ie August monthly roundup.

Best Week Ever:  When we kicked off the festivities with wedding week…a week full of (cough…last minute…cough cough…) wedding projects.

Most Scandalous:  The great garter vote where you, my dear readers, weighed in on which garter I wore to the wedding.  And…I’m not gonna lie…I can’t remember which one I chose.  I think I was in such a hurry when it was time to put it on that I just grabbed one!

Most Flighty:  The bird cage turned wedding card holder depository.  It was a big hit at the wedding and we got alot of compliments on how well it turned out.  Now if we could just find a cute place to display it in our home…hmmmmm.

Best Directions:  The series of rustic wedding signs that we crafted for our wedding, including Mr. & Mrs. chair back signs, “I Do We Did” directional sign, love sign and more.

Most Likely To Be A Walmart Greeter:  The rustic guest book that we crafted by covering a sketch book with linen material and stamping boxes/prompts on the blank pages for guests to sign.

Most Clinically Insane:  The two days before our wedding when we were frantically making centerpieces and baking hundreds of whoopie pies for favors, which was also a HUGE hit at the wedding.  There may have been some whoopie pie thievery going on during our reception!

Most Awesome Day In The History Of Awesome Days:  Our wedding day!  We gave you a little sneak peak but we’re still waiting on pics from our photographers (family and friends) to do a big “our wedding” post.  I’m hoping to have it all sorted out for you sometime in the next few weeks.  So stay tuned for details!

Most Mischievous:  The evil corn squirrel who has eaten every…single…wait for it…ear of corn in our garden.  Curse you corn squirrel (she says while shaking fist in air)!

Most Likely To Be Mistaken For An Old Piece of Pottery Barn Furniture:  Our latest and greatest yard sale find, the kitchen buffet table.  It’s so awesome!  And it still hasn’t reached it’s full awesome potential.  Just wait until I refinish it (I’m thinking just a coat of poly to liven up the wood tones) and then REALLY style it up.

Biggest Pane (haha..bad pun bad pun):  The window sash seating chart for our wedding reception.  We picked up the sash at a flea market, polyed the wood, and painted names on the window panes.  It turned out adorable!

Weirdest Moment:  When we brought a llama home.  It’s not a llama…I swear.  We just call these clay fireplaces llamas.  Weirdos…cough, cough.

Scratch That…The Real Weirdest Moment:  Colby with a cake dome on his head when I baked a cake for the birthday boy and scratched another item off my Thirty Before Thirty list.

Most Likely To Be Confused With Deodorant:  Our living room when we revealed our living room freshening up mood board.  The room has been a stagnant dumping ground for so long that it’s about time we freshened it up a bit and gave it some real style!

Most Cohesive Moment:  When we FINALLY painted the living room walls gray to match the gray walls in the parlor, hallway and dining room.

Best Use Of Wedding Table Numbers:  Hanging table numbers as art in our master bedroom to commemorate our wedding date.  There was also a bit of table number thievery but thankfully our wedding date numbers 8-10-12 were recovered…phew!

Biggest Impulse Purchase To Date:  The new energy efficient washer and dryer. An alternate title could have been “Best Use Of Wedding Gift Money”, but we didn’t technically use wedding money since we stashed that in our savings and went for the zero percent, 12 month financing option instead.

Most Private:  The new natural bamboo roller shades in our master bedroom.  It’s about time we added some privacy to our room.  The neighbors are forever grateful!

Most Likely To Be Found On A Runway Near You:  The master bedroom pillow arrangements after four rounds of a Zoolander-esque pillow walk-off.  The coral pillow totally won out!

Most Improved Paint Color:  The living room trim after painting it glossy white to match the rest of the trim in the living areas of the house.  Much improved indeed!

And scene.  We didn’t have too many huge house projects going on this month, but can you blame us?!  We were trying to pull off the biggest DIY project yet…a wedding!  But we’ve got a few big changes in the works for September as well as some small guys for balance’s sake…and for sanity’s sake, and also some fun fall decorating projects.  So as always, stay tuned and keep it classy!

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