Birdie Birdie In The Tree

I know I previously mentioned that I had a whole mess of projects in the works for this weekend, which is not the birdhouse project that this post is about.  I got a little bit distracted this weekend (typical) and I have a few things to finish up before posting about our weekend shenanigans.  Give me a day or two.  But until then, meet our new birdhouse:

I picked it up from TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago for about $8.  I fell in love with the old rustic-ie charm and had to bring it home with me.  I envisioned it hanging from our red maple tree in the backyard.  It should have been a really easy project, ten minutes tops but of course that wouldn’t be the case with us.  Details to come.

First up, we prepped the tree area where the birdhouse would hang:

There were some misbehaving leaves that needed to be taken care of.  Then we (and by we I mean Colby) nailed a long, galvanized nail into the tree:

Shout out to Colby’s mom, did you check out the tool he chose to use?  Comes in handy!  So now the nail is in place:

Then we simply hung the birdhouse on the nail:

Simple as that!  Until I tried to show Colby the perfectly framed picture that he walked right into:

I love that picture.  He’s like, “hello there birdhouse”.  And that’s the moment that I was brutally attacked and my perfectly good evening was ruined.  Well, no not really ruined but it just put a damper on things for the next ten minutes.  A GINORMOUS bug of some sorts, I couldn’t really tell what it was since he came out of nowhere, attacked my forehead.  It totally bit my forehead….damn bug.  But I was screaming and swatting and screaming some more.  In the aftermath of my attack, while I was slowly recovering from the massive sting, the damn bug came back and attacked the dog.  You should have seen this thing…it was HUGE!  And Goose did not approve.  He was totally protecting me from the thing and took a sting on the rear end while protecting his momma!  Anywho….that’s our birdhouse story.  I’ll leave you with one last picture of the birdhouse in our backyard:

It blends in pretty well with the tree.  Here’s hoping a birdie moves in!

Pssst…So we’ve officially decided on a light gray for our dining room, living room, parlor and halls.  We picked up some swatches this weekend and now we just need to decide on a shade.  We’re leaning towards the slightly blue-er tints.

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