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Budget Blooms

Show of hands…who out there in blog land is attracted to fresh cut, pretty pink flowers in their home?  It’s okay boys to raise your hands too!  I won’t judge.  One of the best perks to homeownership (in my opinion at least) is the option to grow your very own flower arrangements.  I, like every other girl out there, loves loves loves flowers (especially those from a certain boy…hint hint hint).  But the price tag attached to purchasing fresh cut flowers on a regular basis can get pretty extreme.  Enter the budget blooms.  These babies were picked straight from my garden:

I have no clue what these flowers are so if anyone out there knows, please leave a comment and bestow your knowledge upon me.  The other day I was craving some fresh cut flowers so I just walked outside to see what I could find.  I stumbled upon these bad boys in full bloom along the side of our house and couldn’t help to pick a few.  I grabbed one of the antique vases I had kicking around (story on that in une momento) and voila….instant table center piece!  I’m pretty proud of my first ever round of flower arranging.  I thought I did pretty good except that I cut just about every bloom too short for that vase.  If you looked at those flowers funny they fell out so it’s a miracle that I managed to snap this pic.

Enter random vase story.  I found two of these vases at a local antique shop, one mama vase and one baby vase (same color/style but different sizes).  I instantly fell in love with them, and their price tag, and adopted them for about $10 for the pair.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a third to complete the trio (I’m obsessive about objects in threes).  A couple weeks after the antique find, I was yard sale-ing like a fiend and came across the third vase to complete the set at only $2…score!!!  Now I have the perfect trio of antique green vases and I love them to death.  Too bad this has been the vase’s first appearance out of its home in the cupboard!  For shame!

I have to admit, I’m addicted to flower arranging now.  I have the compulsive need to peruse our sad little landscape for whatever shrubbery I can scrounge up.  Maybe this weekend I’ll pick up a couple of cheap Target vases and fill them with some greenery since very little is currently blooming in our yard.

Pssst:  I swear this is my last random, I’m putting off house projects post for awhile.  I have great intentions of getting my butt in gear this Fourth of July weekend so I’ll have some better material to share with you all.  Speaking of the Fourth, anyone have any fun and exciting plans???


  1. Hi Angie. They sure look like azaleas. If you get around to posting a pic of the bush I could definetely tell you if that’s what it is. Free flowers from your own garden is absolutely awesome!

    1. Oooh…definitely azaleas! I Googled azaleas and it’s definitely the bush growing beside our house. Thanks so much for the tip!!!

      1. Thank you! I’ll have you know it took my Boy until yesterday (Wednesday) to start feeling better after the bread episode. He pooped it all out Sunday night and apparently had a bad tummyache for days. Hopefully that’ll teach him not to steal Mom’s bread! yea, right…

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