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Lime Up My Life

Lime Up My Life

July 20, 2014
When we last left off on this little dining room refresh saga, I left you with a “to be continued”…and…

Roofing Tools Of The Trade

November 18, 2012
It’s official…we are completely done roofing our house.  A few weeks ago we shared with you our “roofing the main…
Graco Paint Sprayer Review

Graco Paint Sprayer Review

November 6, 2012
One of the keys to finally finishing painting the corner hutch, which we revealed back here, was our investment in…
Crack Is Whack

Crack Is Whack

July 17, 2011
Truth.  Crack is whack.  Especially of the shower grout variety.  It’s even more whack when you’re sitting on the toilet…

Boys And Their Toys

February 23, 2011
A couple weeks ago Colby and I visited the tool emporium…aka…NH Bragg & Sons (random shout out to NH Bragg….selling…
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Hi there! We're the Campbells. We traded in Maine city living for the country life in Vermont. You'll find us here fixing up a circa 1781 historic home, growing our own food, and filling this home with the memories and things that matter. Read more about us...

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