Dog Food Pail Fail

One thing that I try to do with this blog is share not only the good but the bad when it comes down to DIY and decorating.  The “failures” so to speak.  Although I prefer to call them “happy accidents”.  I learned that one from one of my elders…well…technically it was Bob Ross who had happy little accidents while painting which he turned into trees.  This happy little accident isn’t becoming a tree but is similar in that it’s serving a not-what-was-intended purpose.  Enter the Ikea trash can that I picked up during my recent Ikea shopping experience while we were down in Connecticut.

It’s a basic, white metal trash can that I purchased from Ikea for $24.99.  There was another, much smaller can there for (I think) $14.99.  Anyway, I had picked up the larger trash can with grand intentions of converting it into a cute storage container to store dog food in.  You know…like those adorable metal trash cans you see all over Pinterest with adorable “Dog Food” labels on them.  I soooooo wanted to paint “Dog Food” on this trash can.  I can feel that paint brush in my hand AND I had the blog post all planned out too.  But then I brought the can home, and realized the can was WAY too big to hold Goose’s dog food.  Although our dog acts like a great dane, he’s kind of a pipsqueak.  He’s got a Napolean complex going on.  In fact, I would bet money that Goose could fit in that trash can, but I won’t do it…well…at least not today (cackle cackle…evil laugh).

Oh, he could fit alright.  You should see the tiny ball Goose can curl up into.  Anyway, since the trash can could hold a year’s worth of dog food, I poured his dog food into a much smaller glass container and looked for a new use for the trash can.  And I didn’t have to look far.  This nook of the kitchen always bothered me.  It’s not so much my yard sale furniture find as it is the old, plastic trash can that holds our cans and bottles to be turned in at the redemption center.

It looked very first apartment like and 100% not cute.  Especially with the UPC label still on it!  Sheesh!

So out came the old plastic trash can and in went the much cuter metal can.

It seems to hold just as many cans and bottles.  And when it’s time to take the bottles back, we just dump them into a trash bag and take them down the street to get our money back (when you turn your bottles in at a redemption center here in Maine, you get five cents back per bottle, which really adds up over time).

So that’s my little dog food pail fail story, now onto my other Ikea purchase that didn’t fail…I mean…have a happy accident.  I found these throw pillows at the store in their holiday section for $9.99 each.  The second I saw them I fell in love and thought they would be absolutely perfect as chair cushions in the kitchen.

I kept thinking they would be the wrong size, wouldn’t go well in the kitchen, or would just be plain weird.  I’m pretty sure I picked up the pillows, put them in my cart, only to immediately put them back at least a dozen times.  I kept proceeding to the checkout without them and then would turn around and go back for the pillows.  I was the crazy girl in the store that night.  Finally I bucked up some courage, tightened the belt around my big girl pants, and decided to splurge on $20 worth of pillows.  If I didn’t like them or they didn’t go I could always use them as throw pillows on the couch.

But they fit perfectly size-wise on the chair seats and work so well as cushions.  They add some needed height to the slightly-lower-than-feels-natural chairs in the kitchen.  And I’m digging the stripped pattern with the almost Victorian style feeling chairs.

All in all, I would have to admit that the Ikea shopping experience was a success.  I spent less than $100 and picked up four faux sheepskin rugs, two throw pillows, a white metal trash can, and a mirror for the bathroom (it’s one of those makeup mirrors with an extender arm thing-ie on it…more on that later).  AND I didn’t buy any chairs.  Colby has cut me off on chair purchases.  Apparently I’m not allowed any new ones.  But that doesn’t keep me from looking…and sometimes drooling…and ever so slightly petting…the gorgeous chairs that I see in stores like Ikea.  Seriously…I wanted to take about eight of them home with me.

Pssst…Now it’s your turn.  Any new Ikea purchases for you lately?  And has anyone ever tried their Swedish meatballs?!  I tried them for the first time on this trip and was amazed how yummy they were!  AND only cost $6.99 for a ginormous plate of meatballs with all the fixins’!

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