Goose On The Run

Contrary to popular belief, we’re not all DIY and decorating 24-7.  Honestly, if I could have it my way I would probably paint all day every day.  But alas, laundry, cleaning, wedding planning, the day job, and Goose responsibilities get in the way.  Oh and I almost forgot, Colby responsibilities, get in the way of my painting too.  And by the way, Colby responsibilities include going out with him on random Monday evenings to play pool and participate in barroom trivia competitions.  Thank goodness I have Colby responsibilities to attend to!  Anywho, one of our favorite things to do when we’re not painting or building furniture, is letting the Goose run free.  And because I’m in the middle of about twelve hundred projects simultaneously (why do I do this to myself), none of which are complete enough to be blog worthy, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite pics of Goose at the Bangor City Forrest this weekend.

For those of you who haven’t met our dog before, let me try to explain his energy level.  He’s like a cross between the road runner (beep beep) and a greyhound on speed with a Nascar engine.  When most people meet Goose for the first time, the first thing out of their mouth is “look at that dog run?!”.  Goose loves to run.  We’re talking LOVES to run.

He’s a German short haired pointer, a bird dog, and he can’t get enough running.  We try to let him run on a daily basis and we’re lucky enough to live in an area where there are tons of fields and open spaces that we can take him.  These pictures were taken at the Bangor City Forrest, which is about a five minute drive from our house.  There are also tons of fields and trails within a mile of us thanks to the local snowmobile club.

I love that picture.  Goose looks like a bucking bronco!  It’s amazing how much he runs.  We just got back from taking him to the local fields with a “Chuck-It” (one of those tennis ball launcher things) in tow.  It took Goose about an hour of sprinting after tennis balls before he even remotely started getting tired.  He’s relentless.  I wish I had half his energy.

I try to take Goose running with me around the hood as often as possible.  He’s a great running companion and never seems to tire.  We’ll go for a 5 miler, come home, he’ll take a twenty minute power nap, and then he’s ready to go again.  He was born to run!

Pictures like that one are rare.  He doesn’t sit still/stand still very often.  So this trip that we took to the Bangor City Forrest was my first trip there with both Goose and my new Nikon D3100 DSLR camera, which I’m still feverishly trying to learn.  It was great practice in trying to catch Goose on the run and also try for some outdoor portraits.

I took a couple hundred pictures out there in the field only to get about 12 really good ones, nine of which I’m sharing.  Like I mentioned, Goose is super speedy and could a give a greyhound a run for their money, so most of my shots were of a Goose butt, a tail, or a paw.

But I have to admit that these pictures turned out soooooo much better than pictures I used to take of Goose with my old point and shoot camera.  Those, if I was lucky enough to capture Goose in the frame, were completely blurred.  With these, I learned out to adjust my settings pretty quickly for a faster shutter speed and clear, crisp objects.

I’m pretty sure in the above picture that Goose was assuming the “he’s about to throw the stick” stance.  As soon as the stick leaves Colby’s hand it’s ZING, Goose is gone like a flash.  Crazy fool.  But here is my favorite shot of the day:

I love any picture that has Goose and Colby in it, especially when Goose is being good and heeling like he should.  It certainly doesn’t happen often!  So it’s back to house projects for this DIY diva so I can have some blog material for tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed our little jaunt through the fields.

Pssst…So I’m trying to add some basic blog functionality here at Angie’s Roost.  It’s crazy that I’ve put the basics off for so long but I just really like writing posts.  They’re so much fun to write!  But anyway, I added a new “Contact Us” feature on the menu bar.  Have a burning question or just want to share the love?  Feel free to email us!  We love hearing from you!

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