Goose Turns Two

Can you believe it?  Our little dog child is a whopping two years old!  It seems like just yesterday when we brought the little pipsqueak home.  In fact, we oh so appropriately found the first ever video we took of puppy Goose.  We filmed it in our kitchen the night we brought him home.  Without further ado, puppy Goose:

Wasn’t he cute?  He still is…and that’s a GOOD thing.  We may have just reached the terrible two’s but he’s been living them out since the day we brought him home!  I kid, I kid…kind of.  We’ve had our moments, that’s for sure, but he’s been a good boy more often than not.  But there still have been moments like these (courtesy of an iPhone photo text from Colby):

But for all the times he can be super obnoxious, he makes up for it in super cuteness.  Here are a few more “Goose is cute” moments captured by Colby and his iPhone.

When Goose is tired, like just came back from a little 4 mile run or just woke up in the morning, he sleeps like this.  It’s actually pretty common to catch him napping in the chair or on the couch.  He also sits like this:

And sometimes like this:

He’s such a weirdo!  They do say dogs resemble their owners!  Or is it the other way around?  Does this make us weird?  And then there’s my favorite Goose pose of all, the “Mom…I NEED a bite of your dinner…I don’t care if it’s broccoli…I NEED it…and I’m gonna stare at you like this until you give it to me.”

So in honor of our little Goosie Goose turning two, we celebrated with presents and cake.  What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t bestow cake and gifts to my dog child?!  We did this for Goose’s first birthday back here and decided to continue the tradition.  His favorite gift was his 2′ bone:

Which he will devour in its entirety in less than a week.  And naturally, he paraded the thing around the yard a bit, showing it off to all his doggie neighbors.

And of course there was cake.  And by cake I mean a rice “batter” with peanut butter “frosting” and rawhide “candles”.

Who’s hungry?  Before we let him dig in, he had to sit for a quick photo shoot:

And then he devoured the cake in 20 seconds flat…give or take 19 seconds.

I think he liked it.  So here’s to another adventurous year with the Goose filled with mishaps, mayhem, and of course Goose love!

Pssst…So Colby and I just got home from a trip to Lowes and all I have to say is we’re stocked up for a very exciting weekend of house projects.  More specifically, yard work projects!  Woot woot!  What’s on the good ‘ol weekend to do list for you?  Yard work?  Painting?  Puttering around the house fixing all those little nagging projects?


  1. Aw Goose, happy bday! Your boy sounds as rambunctious and destructive as mine. Have you noticed him getting any calmer as he gets older? Our dog Bob turned 1 earlier this month and I want to pull my hair out.

    I am hoping the rain doesn’t come because I have lots of yard work to do and I’m hoping to close a contract on Monday for getting a new fence installed.

    1. Oh my gosh…Goose has gotten SOOOOOOO much calmer! He was a nightmare his first year, then after he turned one he got much better behaved, listened, and didn’t chew as many things. At two he’s still crazy and full of energy, but he doesn’t make me want to throw things at him anymore! Things should get better for you…stat! That one year mark seems to be the turning point and I’ve heard that from a couple of people. What kind of dog do you have? A pointer by any chance? Hope your projects went well! I’m so jealous of your fence!

      1. Oh good, I can’t wait for the twos then! Mine’s a french bulldog, which I thought were supposed to be couch potatoes. They are not. They are crazy energetic and needy and chew the everloving sh*& out of everything. I love him, but he is such a turd.

        And the fence contract was signed, weekend was a success!

        1. Crazy! I thought that breed was super mellow! Yes, definitely hold out for the twos! Hang in there…you can do it!

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