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Hammocking My Life Away

Not alot to report here at the Roost (aka casa de Colby & Angie) other than a little My First Place watching on HGTV (Red Sox are in rain delay…sad).  Anyone else ever feel the need to turn that show into a drinking game?  Seriously, take a swig anytime someone says “entertaining” and you’ll be drunk after the first 30-minute episode.  Not kidding!  Lucky for you this post is not about HGTV, “My First Place”, or drinking games (hmm…maybe it should be).  No…it’s about how to fix your broken hammock that’s been broken ALL summer so you can hammock your life away again without falling through it.  Okay…maybe that’s just me.   I’m a sucker for summertime hammocking.  So here’s the problem:

We’ve got a bit of a big hole situation going on here.  It makes optimal hammocking enjoyment rather difficult.  Especially when a certain pup decides he’s going to tunnel through your hammock to lick your face.  Caution…Goose in the hole!

See…me and my hammock are tight.  We’ve been BFFs since 2004.  It’s an LL Bean hammock and hammock stand and I love it!  Absolutely love it, in case anyone out there is in the market.  I’ve logged some serious hammock hours each summer and this summer has been no exception.  Unfortunately, the hole situation emerged rather early in the too short hammocking season.  You see…this caused our little problem:

The rope was starting to get really worn down around where it passes through the wood.  Apparently after seven years of torture…I mean…gentle use, the rope starts to wear out and snap one rope at a time until you have a giant hole situation.  I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet on the hammock, we’re bound to have a few more good seasons together, so we grabbed some rope and went to town fixing it.

Could Colby BE any more enthused about helping me fix the hammock?!  I think not!  Anyone else pick up that I was totally channeling Chandler Bing there?  So here is our super easy formula for hammock fixin’:  Cut off a piece of rope and tie one end to the hammock ring:

Weave the rope into the existing hammock rope pattern:

Poke the rope through the wooden spacer bar thingy:

Tie a knot around the existing rope loop where the broken rope was tied into:

Repeat these steps for all broken ropes:

And relax:

I know, riveting stuff!  Maybe I should have blogged about drinking games to HGTV’s “My First Place” television show?  How about something more interesting…anyone else out there participate in the Pinterest Challenge and care to share their link?  Comment below and share if you did!

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