Happy Valentines Day

Flowers from a boy always make my day!  Below are my oh so gorgeous flowers from my oh so cute boyfriend, Colby.  We spent our Valentine’s Day in thanks to an un-relentless class schedule this semester.  We cooked (and by we I mean I cooked while Colby hung our in the kitchen eating crackers) an amazing Italian dish, pappardelle alla boscaiola (yum!).  Perfect segway into a classic Colby story.  Colby went grocery shopping for dinner while I was still in class.  The list included porcini, white wine, Italian tomatoes, pasta, etc.  When checking out, the check out girl took a look at Colby’s selections and exclaimed, “Wow, looks like someone is making their girlfriend a classic Italian dinner.  How cute.”  Colby rolled with it.

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