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Insta-Addicted August

August was Instagram insane folks!  We’re talking Cypress Hill “Insane In The Membrane” kind of insane.  And by insane I really mean ridiculously awesome and full of firsts.  For instance I Instagrammed up my first blogger conference, the first time I met my bloggy buddy Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co, the first time I traveled to Atlanta, and oh yeah…the first time we had our house featured in a national glossy magazine (but I’ll get to that in a moment).  I’m not gonna lie, this Instagram roundup is officially my favorite.

Oh, I believe it’s also the first time that I posted a pic of myself on Instagram!  Look for the blue moon folks!  And Colby even joined Instagram this month!  Seriously…where is that blue moon?  It has to be out there somewhere.  You can follow him @campcolby but he’s not terribly active now that I’ve returned from galavanting around Hotlanta.  We’re talking a solo picture kind of not active.  I’ll work on him.  He’ll be a social media fiend before you know it.

August also marked the first time we played golf all summer (shameful), the first time I used chalk paint, the first time we used fun beachy colors on our iPad stands, and the first time we looked at another house since we bought our current home three years ago.  We just so happened to fall in love with that house and the only thing that kept us from not trying to purchase it was that it’s on the wrong side of town making for an extra long work commute for both of us.

As per our usual routine, every Instagram roundup time Colby and I each pick our favorite picture for the month.  Sometimes we cheat and pick a couple faves.  We make the rules so we can make them, right?!  This time around Colby picked out this snap shot.

With a caption of “The boys and their babies”.  Colby with our dog child Goose, and one of our best friends Aaron and his son who is oh so adorable.  Notice who the better behaved child is?  And notice who’s child is trying to lick the other child.  We’re never having kids if they act like our dog!

And then there’s my favorite pic which was an obvious choice for me:

How could I resist the picture of our staircase in This Old House magazine?  I kid you not, our home is featured in the September issue.  There’s still time to go pick it up so go grab your copy.  And if you’re a Maine-ah, come see us as we’ll be signing copies at our local Rite Aid this weekend.  #kidding  I’m still pinching myself that our home is really in a national, glossy magazine.  Is this real life?  And I owe you guys a big ol’ blog post about this adventure because it really was quite the experience and we’re definitely wanting to document this in our blog diary of sorts.

Pssst…So what have you guys been Instagram-ing these days?  Pooch pics?  Painting work?  Obligatory thrifty finds?  And as always, you can follow us @angiesroost on Instagram.


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