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Insta-Addicted: December

It’s time once again for another Instagram photo roundup for those of you who aren’t as Insta-Addicted as I am.  I hereby dedicate this post to my mother who does not know what Instagram or Facebook is and therefore does not see these pictures.  But for those of you who follow me on Instagram, this will be an old hat to you.  Have Instagram?  Follow me!  I’m @angiesroost.

December Instagram

I loved this month’s roundup of Instagram pics.  Mostly because they were filled with Christmas goodness instead of our usual roundup of “here is our dog child”, “his name is Goose”, “here is our dog child doing something cute” that we usually post about.  Ahhh…Instagram diversification.

And as per our usual mo, Colby and I both picked out our favorite Instagram pics to divulge upon.  Colby’s pic…the GINORMOUS Christmas stockings at my parents’ house in the county (read more about them in our Christmas recap here).

Christmas Stockings

They were filled with Christmas candy, dog toys and bones for the pooches, and other fun little items.

As for my favorite Instagram pic, I couldn’t just pick one.  Of course not…it’s like picking a favorite child (or dog child).  And it’s my blog so I can break the rules if I want to, right?!  So anyway…my favorite pic #1 is the one of my parents’ house on Christmas day.  I heart Christmas in the county.

My Parents House At Christmas

And per one of my blogger friend suggestions, I’m planning on a big ol’ house crashing post of my parents giant DIY house building project.  So Mom, if you’re reading this, start dusting cuz I’m a coming!

Favorite Instagram pic #2 is a Colby butt shot…the one I needed for yesterday’s post (you know…the one about Colby’s booty…aka his Christmas presents…reference found here).

Goose And Colby In The Corner

Colby and Goose were apparently bad and needed to go to the corner.  At least that’s my story.  In reality I have no idea what is going on here.  But it’s a great picture of Colby’s rear (see…I told you he had a cute butt) and I love Goose with his “Mom…help me” look as he’s planning his great escape

And finally the third pic:

Blue Paint

This isn’t my favorite pic because of what’s in it (blue paint and a brush).  It’s my favorite pic because of what it represents.  I’m getting deep up in here…moving beyond the kiddie pool.  Or about as deep as we get here at The Roost.  I painted things this weekend…painted things blue.  And I can’t wait to share with you what this project was.  Maybe Sunday evening I’ll put together a little recap of the project.  It’s awesome and I’m excited…’nuf said.

Pssst…Enough about us, it’s your turn to share.  Have you taken any favorite Instagram photos lately (or photos in general)?  Are all of yours of your dog (or cat)?  It’s ridiculous how many Goose pics we have!  But yet we just keep taking them!


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