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Insta-Addicted June

Is it really July?!  Where is our summer creeping off to?  Although, it’s been so cold and rainy here lately (seriously…I think we’ve had three sunny days all June) we’re still waiting for summer to start.  With another month passing us by, it’s that Instagram monthly roundup time where we share with you all our Instagram photos for the month.  This post is truly for my mom (and Colby’s mom) who have no clue what Instagram is.  This way they can ogle the crazy snapshots of their furry grandson aka the grand-pup aka Goose.  And Goose did not disappoint as our favorite Instagram subject this month.  He whipped out all his best moves.  Including the “I’m scared of fireworks and I’m just gonna hang out under your desk” move, the “SQUIRREL” move, and his famous “I didn’t eat the cheese, Mom, I swear” move.

June 2013 Instagram

You see that picture of Goose in his bed with the pile of plastic in front of him?  That plastic was a brand new package of sliced cheese.  “Was” as in Goose stole it off the counter and ate the whole thing in a matter of seconds.  And then proceeded to self punish himself by cowering in his bed.  Sometimes the crime really is worth the time.

June 2013 Instagram

This month’s Instagram roundup also included a series of pictures from Colby’s home state in Vermont.  Every year over Father’s Day weekend, we go to the Lake Champlain fishing derby usually camping out in Northern Vermont.  This year, we both took a few extra days off from work to really cruise around the state, visit family and hang out at the lake.  It was absolutely fabulous!  It was also on that trip where I found my tractor seat stool.  Score!

June 2013 Instagram

This was also a very exciting month because I also was able to purchase a brand new iMac!  I still can’t believe this computer is mine!  I had been using a 10+ year old (actually an 11 year old) G4 iMac for blogging, Etsy shop work, and general work.  It was deathly slow…we’re talking open the web browser and go fold the laundry while the WordPress blog site comes up so I can get to work.  Let’s just say, it was $1,200 worth of Etsy revenue well spent!

As per our usual mo, both Colby and I picked our favorite Instagram photos for the month.  Colby’s fave pic was of a double rainbow that we spotted on our drive through the mountains in Vermont.

Rainbow In Vermont

This picture doesn’t do it justice.  It was super bright.  Picture the brightest thing you have ever seen and multiply it by ten, it was that bright.  And the coolest part was that the rainbow was right in front of us.  Like RIGHT in front of us about to drive into it right in front of us.  I kept expecting the Lucky Charms leprechaun to pop out of nowhere screaming “someone stole me lucky charms”, but no dice.

My favorite pic was of course a Goose pic.  It’s been so rainy lately that Goose has been pretty much pent up in the house for the last month.  He melts in the rain so he avoids it at all cost.  Instead of running around outside, chasing the squirrels, he’s been scoping out their coordinates and strateg-er-ie via the living room windows.  This has been his perch for the last month:

Goose On High Squirrel Alert

He’s channeling his inner Miss Muffet sitting on his very own tuffet.  Goose is such a little princess.

Pssst…What have you guys been snapping away or Instagram-ing away on?  Is your pet also your favorite subject?  Or any leprechaun sitings?

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