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Insta-Addicted May

Lasso your ladies and hog tie your britches, it’s May Instagram round up time!  Apparently I’m a little bit country tonight.  Sometimes I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll too.  I’ve just been listening to way too much Eric Church radio on Pandora than what’s good for me.  I believe the term you’re searching for is….anyway.  Every month I like to roundup all of the Instagram pics that I’ve captured over the last 30 or so days in a nice little post…primarily for my mom who has no clue what Instagram is.  And this month’s roundup is extra exciting because (A) it includes outside shots from outside activities which means that it’s finally getting warm outside, and (B) it includes early Etsy shop shots.  Which, by the way, is steadily chugging right along and growing every day!  I can’t believe the crazy success we’ve had so far with the shop.  Without further ado, our little Instagram round up.

May 2013 Instagram 1

Hmmm…like the early Etsy packaging?!  What was I thinking gift wrapping every…single…shipment!  That stopped the day I received 10 orders in one day that were ALL rush orders!  Eeek!

May 2013 Instagram 2

This roundup also included photos from my Day In The Life post.  Not that I amount to anything very exciting during any given day that’s worth reading, unless of course, boring bloggers’ lives are your jam.  Hmmm…I also think it might be time to upgrade the hot pink, silicone alarm clock for something just a smidge more adult like…or not.

May 2013 Instagram 3

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper Instagram roundup post without showing off our favorite pics all blown up like so you can actually see them.  And true to form, Colby and I both picked Goose shots as our favorites.  He’s just so gosh darn photogenic!  Here’s my fave Instagram pic of the month:

Goose In A Box

It’s a Goose-In-A-Box (not to be confused with Jack-In-A-Box or a certain Justin Timberlake body part in a box…ahem…gratuitous SNL reference).  Doesn’t Goose look amused?!  He’ll do anything for a cookie!  ANYTHING!  That box is actually a planter made out of scrap pressure treated wood from our fence building extravaganza a few weekends ago.  I have soooo much to catch you up on.

And now for Colby’s favorite Instagram pic:

Goose By The Pond

Another Goose shot.  This pic was taken a few days ago on one of those sweltering hot days we were having here in Maine.  It was early evening and starting to cool off so I took Goose for a little run at the Bangor City Forest.  We run back and forth over the crest of this giant hill until Goose and myself are both sufficiently tired.  Then we hang out and look at the pond…and the beaver dam.  This is how Goose and I bond…in fields…overlooking ponds.

So that’s our little Instagram roundup for the month.  We’re already snapping away with pics for June’s roundup.  And as always, if you don’t want to wait until Instagram roundup time comes again, you can always follow me on Instagram @angiesroost.

Pssst…What have you all been Instagramming these days?!  Do you also take ridiculous amounts of pictures of your pet?!  We can’t help it…he’s just so adorable!

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