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Insta-Addicted: November

It’s that time again…time for another Instagram roundup.  Every month towards the end of the month, we like to recap all our Instagram images in a big ol’ image roundup of sorts for all of you who don’t have Instagram (that’s you Mom) or don’t follow us on Instagram (but you can remedy that now by finding us on Instagram @angiesroost).  So without further ado…

And of course we had to pick our favorite images of the bunch.  Both Colby and I love the picture of Goose running up the hill at the Bangor City Forrest.

That’s Goose in his element.  That dog loves to run.  And it’s become a little weekend tradition of ours to go running over at the Bangor City Forrest on the weekends.  And sometimes Goose even makes friends with other dogs while he’s there.

Colby’s favorite picture of the bunch is the one of Goose in an Orange hunting hat.  We may be a little TOO in love with out dog.

All I have to say is #ourdogwilldoanythingforacookie.

And finally, my absolute favorite picture of the bunch is this one:

And here’s the story.  First off, Colby is deer hunting obsessed and a few weeks ago he came home from hunting camp with his deer.  The deer had to stay with us overnight until Colby could take it to the butcher.  This is the morning after the deer’s arrival with both “boys” checking on the deer hanging in the shed, making sure it didn’t run away overnight.  This moment happened several times that morning.

Pssst…Do you guys have any favorite Instagram photos for the month?  Feel free to share!!

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