Introducing The 12 Days Of Craft-mas

As we embark on a new Christmas season, we (as in Angie and Colby, but mostly Angie) are about to embark on a brand new series here at Angie’s Roost.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting this announcement since about July when I came up with the concept and the name.  Without further ado, I officially present to you “The 12 Days Of Craft-mas”.

And what exactly is The 12 Days Of Craft-mas, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  First, it’s amazing logo, don’t you think?!  I love Photoshop!  But mostly, it’s all about Christmas time crafts.  You see, I have called for a house project moratorium for the month of December.  I vow to not paint, demo, stain, and refinish things until after the holidays.  Instead, I will be taking the time to make some fun and thrifty items, oozing with creativity and personality, to decorate our home with.  For the next twelve blog days (excluding Wedding Wednesday) I will show you a new Christmas craft or decoration complete with way too many pictures and an easy to follow tutorial.  Thus, The 12 Days Of Craft-mas!

Since today’s post is so short, I will be back tomorrow to bring you The First Day of Craft-mas.  I know I usually don’t post on Friday nights (I typically post Sunday through Thursday evenings) but I can’t wait to get started.  Here’s to breaking out the glue gun, drowning in a sea of glitter, and a hostile takeover of the kitchen table.

Pssst….I also added a Craft-mas category over on the sidebar.  As we progress through Craft-mas, you can always click on that category to see all of the Craft-mas posts and follow the series.

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