Is It Time To Go Gray?

It’s time to get back to the bliggity bloggity (I just coined that new phrase) after a few days hiatus.  It wasn’t by choice.  I love blogging like Goose loves peanut butter (he REALLY loves peanut butter for those who have not met Goose yet).  However, I kind of ran out of material.  Last weekend I was away for my high school reunion so I didn’t have time to work on the house and this week I’ve been swamped between school (I’m a part time MBA student and taking my final class right now woohoo!!!) and my big girl job (I’m a marketing director by day and DIY/blogger fanatic by night…I’m basically your regular Batman…errr Batwoman?!).  But have no fear because super Angie has about 8,000 items to tackle on the upcoming weekend to do list (unbeknownst to Colby…hehehe…cackle cackle….eeevillllll fingers).  And you know what?  I can totally get away with it because it’s my birthday weekend!!!  Technically my birthday isn’t until next week but I believe I need at least a week long celebration!

So, I managed to scrape together some semblance of a blog post for this evening and I’m actually reaching out to all of you for a little helpity helpity for the bliggity bloggity (see how I used it again).  You see…I’m having a bit of dilemma and I’m not known for making decisions on my own, at least in a timely fashion.  I need to know if it’s time to go gray or not.  NOOOOO…not that gray!  How old do you think I am?!  Don’t answer that.  I can’t decide whether or not I want to paint the walls gray.  I need a neutral paint color for the dining room, living room, parlor (which is an extension of the living room), and hallways.  I had originally decided on a cream color (technically Valspar’s “Malted Milk” which is already up in the living room) but I’m not sure if it’s what I really want.  It kind of looks like this:

I really like the cream/white color combo, especially with bright furniture and accessories.  I’m a big fan of brightly colored accessories and changing them out periodically.  Thus, the need for a neutral in these spaces.  I also need a neutral since these spaces are all really open and flow into each other.  I like the cream.  I like the cream alot.  However, it kind of feels a little apartment-ish.  Most of my apartments through the years have been painted that cream color and it’s kind of the wall color standard for rental spaces.  Thus I’m thinking of branching out to another neutral, a light gray, kind of like this:

This color is just a little more bluish than what I want but you get the picture.  I like that you can still add colorful accessories and the white trim still pops against it.  I’m seriously struggling here…just ask Colby.  I’m not sure he can take much more of my blabbering on about my painting woes.  As soon as I pick a color I change my mind and go back to the other color.  Right now, I’m leaning towards gray.  I figure it’s just paint and if I try it and don’t like it I can switch back to cream.

Ok…so now I want some feedback!  I want to hear from each and every one of you (yes mom…that means you too) about which paint color you would prefer.  There you have it…nearly six hundred words about paint!

FYI…the above photos are from Better Homes & Gardens.


  1. HGTV tells me gray is totally hot right now. So if you’re a trendy girl, I say yes. If you cringe to think that every upscale house in the New York metro area also has a gray dining room right now, then no. 🙂

  2. Like your apartments, cream or beige was the paint for the apartments that I managed. I never got so sick of a color in my life. I’m for the light gray. You can put any color accessories and furniture with it and it looks very nice. Hope this helps a little bit.

  3. Pale, pale gray. Yep, white trim pops and the wall color won’t compete with accessories. But I love pale, pale gray so I’m kinda biased.

    Besides, if you paint it cream you’ll always wonder if you shoulda coulda woulda.

    1. We’re totally going gray! I definitely don’t want to regret not trying it. And it’s just paint so I could always change it back later! Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Me again.

    Don’t you know that birthdays are meant to be celebrate for two full weeks: one week before and one week after??? So here’s a happy early birthday to ya!

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