It’s Back…Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition

It’s back folks…the Pinterest Challenge…thanks to the uber genius-ness of Katie Bower from Bower Power.  It’s here and with a vengeance…the Pinterest Challenge fall edition.

What is the Pinterest Challenge yous ask?  Well it’s amazing.  Let me explain.  So you know how you pin and you pin and you pin some more really cool pictures for project ideas on Pinterest?  You know…project ideas with the intentions of someday doing the project.  And then you know how you never actually do the projects.  Or maybe you do one project but have pinned about 1,243 pictures.  Just saying.  Well, that’s the boat I’m in and so are Katie of Bower Power and Sherry from Young House Love.  And they’re here to remedy that.  The idea of the Pinterest Challenge is to pick a photo or two from Pinterest for inspiration, put your own spin on the project, and post about the result.  Genius!  Genius I tell you!  Let’s meet the players:

The Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition is hosted by Katie of Bower Power (aka the brain child of this here shin dig), Sherry of Young House Love, Ana from Ana White, and Erin from House of Earnest.  So pick your projects, do them this weekend, and report back on the results on Wednesday.  Katie, Sherry, Ana, and Erin will each be hosting a link party so be sure to link up your post, check out others’ projects, and comment away (we all love comments).

I’m stoked by the way….I adore the Pinterest Challenge and I’m having a difficult time deciding what project I want to tackle.  You mean I can only pick one?!  I haven’t picked my project yet but here are some of my ideas (feel free to weigh in with what project you think we should tackle…and by we I really mean me since it’s hunting season here in Maine and I find myself to be a hunting widow most weekends).

First option…new bathroom vanity…the pin-spiration (found here).  This vanity is very similar, structurally, to what we currently have going on in the bathroom but this looks more finished.  I’d like to alter ours a bit (add legs, a shelf, tile it, etc.) to make it look something like this instead of just a board hung between two walls with a sink in it.

Option two…a little art project for above the stairs…the pin-spiration (found here).  I have an old surfer poster that I would love to do something like this to.  I’m thinking cut it up, modge podge it to old boards, and hang it in the massive empty space above our staircase.

Option three…beaded chandelier…the pin-spiration (found here).  I’m sooooo in love with this I can barely contain myself!  Hubba, hubba, hubba!  I’m thinking something like this would look so amazing as the light fixture above the dining room table or in the hallway lofty area.  To craft this, I envision spray painted mardi gras beads attached to some wire rings.  Simple.

Option four…painted ombre balusters for the staircase…the pin-spiration (found here).  I really, really, really want to tackle this project!  I just don’t think I’ll have enough time to finish it for the big reveal day.  We’ll see!  But this project is so cute and so unique and most importantly fun!  I love a fun project and this would be adorable on our staircase.

Option five…ledge shelves for the living room…the pin-spiration (found here).  This to me seems like the boring project of the bunch but one of the most practical.  There will be ledge shelves in the future of our living room, it’s just a matter of time and whether or not ledge shelves are Pinterest Challenge worthy.

So those are my project ideas.  It’s official…stop pinning your life away and start doing!

Pssst…So that’s what I’m up to this weekend (but there’s still a good possibility that I will completely derail and do a completely different project), but what is everyone else choosing for a project?  And any weigh ins on which project we should tackle?  I’m totally leaning balusters and seeing if I can knock it out of the park in just a few short days!

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