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March Monthly Roundup

Holy ol’ Toledo…where did March go?!  As the infamous Kermit the frog once said, “time’s fun when you’re having flies.”  Ewwww.  But in all seriousness, it’s the end of another month which means that it’s monthly roundup time!  I love the monthly roundup, mostly because it gives a nice little snapshot of what we accomplished in a month, which really helps keep the ol’ motivation going.  So without further ado I bring you a month’s worth of projects, musings, and randomness.

CD Sophistication:  First up, we classed up our CD storage situation and made some rustic CD storage boxes to replace the old college-esque CD tower/shelf.

Art Week Extravaganza:  Then there was Art Week, which thanks to the Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition, turned into Art-Three-Days, Take-A-Week-Off, Art-Two-Days.  We framed up a pair of pink flamingo Etsy prints, made a deer head silhouette, built a frame for Colby’s hometown poster, framed up some miscellaneous stuff, and then hung everything in our parlor art gallery.

Why Hello There Pinterest Challenge:  Then the Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition rolled around.  We ended up painting our staircase balusters ombre blue, but before we could tackle that project we had some hallway prep work to do (you know…painting the trim and the beadboard risers glossy white).  We even posted a little tutorial on how to install balusters…which works even in a crooked, old un-square home like ours.

Showered With Amazingness:  We were showered with amazing gifts.  Our friend Marcus sent us a care package full of antiques that he was getting rid of.  It was awesome!  I can’t wait to get my decorating on and start incorporating many of the items into our decor.

I Like To Flor It Flor It:  We made an epic-ly bold statement in the desk area of our parlor and installed a Chevron Flor tile rug.  She’s a beaut!  We loved the modularity and the ability to create a rug of custom dimensions for our weird space (check out the Flor website for all sorts of rug options).

Goose Turns Two:  Our baby boy, dog child who’s name is Goose (poor little guy…no wonder he’s so strange) celebrated a birthday!  And of course, as proper dog parents, we celebrated Goose’s second birthday with “cake” and by “cake” I mean rice with hamburg and peanut butter…and rawhide “candles”.

Garden Power:  We got the itch…the itch to get our green on.  Inspired by some crazy 80 degree weather (yes, this was in Maine in MARCH), Colby and I not only started our veggie garden indoors, but also made four raised bed planters.  And of course, now it’s snowing…again…bleh!

Bring It Spring:  Our home needed a little spring-ification so we put a little spring where we step with a few accessories including a small rug for the kitchen, a flowery dog bed for Goose (and yes…Goose is a boy and may have some gender issues now), and a new shade loving plant for the parlor to replace the one that got away…who am I kidding…died thanks to severe neglect on my part.

And with that, we can officially bring March to a close.  Which means we get one step closer to our big wedding day!  Only 134 days to go but who’s counting?!  Woo to the hoo!

Pssst…Just tuning into the blog?  Catch up with some earlier monthly roundups from January and February.  Happy weekend everyone!

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