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May Monthly Roundup

I’m officially playing my lazy blogger card tonight…and busting out the May monthly roundup.  This way, I don’t have to go and resize photos and upload them.  That requires too much effort.  Although, pretty much anything that requires removing my butt from the couch tonight requires too much effort.  I told you I was playing the lazy blogger card!  For this month’s roundup I decided to mix it up a little bit and do the roundup Jeopardy style.  Let me explain.  Pretty much my default blog post title, when I can’t come up with something witty, is turning the title into a Jeopardy category.  You know…like Things I Should Have Thought Of Before Starting That Project for $200 Alex.  So I’m doing the roundup Jeopardy style and getting all my Jeopardy nerdiness out of me tonight.  I’m so sorry for you having to read this.  Without further ado….

Uses For Glass Bottles For $200 Alex:  As vitamin storage bottles for a bathroom medicine cabinet.  It cleaned up Colby’s mass of vitamins in a neat, organized, and shamelessly cute fashion.

Vitamins Stored In Glass Bottles With Labels

Challenges That Get My Pinteresting Butt Off The Couch for $600 Alex:  The Spring Pinterest Challenge.  This time around, we tackled a nautical inspired rope shelf to hang in our bathroom.  You can read the good ol’ tutorial for how to make a rope shelf. I really milked out that project…three posts on it…sheesh!

Rope Shelf With Found Bottles And Flowers

Good Reasons To Go MIA On The Blog for $800 Alex:  When we announced opening an Etsy shop, which is still keeping us super busy!  Holy successful shop Batman!  In just four short weeks we amassed over 5,000 views, 1,700 favorites, and 80 orders (some of them for multiple quantities).  I still can’t believe the number of iPad and cookbook stands we’ve sold so far!  You can check out our Etsy shop.  We still just have the two products, which we can barely keep up with, but have big plans for some new shop items so check back soon!

Roostic Etsy Shop

Cheesy Mustache Jokes for $200 Alex:  Our “I Mustache You A Question” post about how we made a new back splash for the old, Craigslist buffet turned bathroom vanity.  Doesn’t Colby look good in a wood mustache?!

I Mustache You A Question

Long Winded Explanations for $800 Alex:  When we wrote up a nice little…scratch that…more like long winded post about where we get color inspiration for painting projects and coming up with a whole house color scheme.  Sources included Chip-It, Houzz, and the infamous, needs no introduction, Pinterest (you can follow me on Pinterest).

Playing With Chip It

Ginormous To-Do Lists for $400 Alex:  When we put together a whole house progress report on where we stand in getting rooms finished up and what’s left to-do.  Still…soooooo….much….to do!  Especially in the barely touched kitchen.  Bring on the painting and staining and sanding…oh my!

Kitchen Progress Take 2

Rhianna Inspired Blog Posts for $200 Alex:  I cannot confirm nor deny that during the whole DIY an umbrella stand project that I was belting out Rhianna’s under my um-ber-ella-ella-ella song.  And by belting out I really mean belting it out in my head because nobody needs to hear me sing….nobody.

Twenty Dollar Umbrella From Home Depot

Nerdy Moments for $400 Alex:  When we fleshed out all our blog stats during our blogiversary.  But don’t worry…we kept it nice and fluffy for you and included such uber important stats like “number of cookies Goose has consumed” and the “number of times I use the word “Colby” in a post”.  I dive into the numbers about as deep as a kiddie pool in this post.

Printing Block Numbers

White Spray Painted Things for $800 Alex:  The towel hooks that we spray painted white for the bathroom.  One hook (the old cast iron, three hooks in one hook) is hanging out by the shower for our shower-in-progress towels.  The other was the old hat rack that we spray painted white for our towels to hang out and dry in between showers.

White Iron Towel Hook

Boring Lives for $800 Alex:  As you’ll quickly find out after reading my little “Day In The Life” post in honor of our third blogiversary.  Really riveting stuff in there including day job bathroom cleaning.

Cleaning The Bathrooms At Work

Room Switches for $600 Alex:  When we decided to switch the guest bedroom with the craft room.  We hadn’t really started decorating the guest bedroom and decided to turn it into an Etsy office and turn the smaller, craft room into a guest bedroom.

Craft Room Guest Room Flop

Favorite Etsy Finds for $200 Alex:  Neon…I’m obsessed with this mix of neon products found on Etsy.  I seriously want to bring every single one of those neon items…especially the pink planter…swoon!  And those coin purse monsters!

Etsy Faves Neon 1

And with that, we conclude another month’s worth of projects and blogging.  I honestly think the monthly roundups are my favorite posts to write each month.  There’s just something so motivating to recap the month and look back at all we’ve accomplished.  And recharge a little bit before tackling a few more projects.

Pssst…Sooooooo, today I was reading Mandi’s blog at Vintage Revivals where she asked her readers what they thought about blogs with truncated posts.  General consensus…readers hate it!  Panic set in, the sweats started, and the stress eye twitch began since I had truncated posts on this good ol’ blog.  So I reformatted the blog to show full posts.  What do you all think?  Good?  Bad?  Ugly?

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