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May Monthly Roundup

And like that, another month has come and gone.  And I’m THIS close to whipping out my magic time stopper thingy and bringing it back to a snail’s pace.  Ever since purchasing the house, renovating it, oh…and getting engaged, it seems like the days, the weeks. and the months just fly right by!  And with that we bring you the May monthly roundup.

Anniversaries Abound:  We kicked off the month with a little home ownership anniversary, which we celebrated by purchasing the house some fabric (since cotton is the appropriate year two anniversary gift).  And just a couple of weeks after that we celebrated Blogiversary II with cake…mmm…cake!

Panic Attack Floor Style:  Then there was the little panic attack when the hallway floor finish peeled up. Time to add “re-refinish hallway floor” to the good ol’ nagging projects list.

On The Wedding Front:  I learned a few things about how not to be a bridezilla, put together a little reception decor mood board for our big day, and made some table numbers.  Progress!

Angie’s Impulse Project:  On a whim, while Colby was away at a construction show, I snazzied up the hallway and made a sisal rope lampshade to cover the hallway pendant.

When House Project A-D-D Sets In:  We gut out the coat closet and install beadboard, never to be finished again…I mean…which will hopefully hold coats and shoes again one day soon…fingers crossed!

Craft Room Rewind:  The craft room got a bit of a re-reorganization which included a painted chair.

Garden Party:  We attacked our gardens with a vengeance this month.  And by a vengeance I mean the veggie garden got planted, a sad old garden got updated with some planted peonies and a trio of new hostas were planted in the hammock nook.

Colby’s Impulse Project:  One random Monday evening Colby came home with flooring for our kitchen floor.  Yup…he impulse purchased flooring!  But it’s awesome!  And we luuuurrrrve it!  No joke.  Colby I’m currently blogging in the kitchen and Colby is laying on the floor beside me because it’s THAT awesome!  We officially have 99 problems in this house but the floor ain’t one!  So we started to install the floor, finished installing the floor, and let Goose run around on the floor.  Silly Goose.

Hair Bling Things:  I conquered the hair bling insanity by corralling all my hair accessories into one, freshly spray painted bowl.  Who loves organization?!  This girl!  Especially this hair accessory organization project.  Now I know where to go for hair ties and head bands and barrettes…oh my!

And The Bedroom Reno Saga Begins:  Yes, we have officially started renovating both our guest bedroom and our master bedroom.  The saga first starts off with some cleaning out the rooms and then progresses to some bedroom demolition.  But that’s as far as we got.  Be sure to stay tuned this summer as we transform these once ugly rooms to epicly awesome spaces fit for a king…or a Goose…who are we kidding…they’re pretty much the same thing…kings and Gooses (according to Goose).

In The Mood:  While the Colby is busy hanging sheet rock, the Angie must play…in Photoshop that is…crafting a pair of mood boards for the two new bedrooms.  First there was the guest bedroom mood board, inspired by a napkin from Target, and then there was the master bedroom mood board, complete with an antler chandelier.

Flea Market Finds The 2012 Edition:  Memorial Day weekend, Colby and I cruised the Maine coast, stopping at yard sales and flea markets along the way.  And we didn’t come home empty handed.  We scored a table and two chairs for $35 for the new breakfast nook in the kitchen.

I feel like we were quite accomplished this month.  We made some big, BIG changes, some for the good (kitchen floor) and some for the worse (bedrooms) at least in the short term.  But think of all the blog posts that are going to stem from that bedroom mess?!  Oh house projects… I heart thee!

Pssst…So what did all you guys do this month?  Any fun and exciting projects you care to share?  Anyone else demo something?  Or seriously score at a yard sale?!


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