More Spring Where We Step

I know I’ve mentioned it about a gazillion times so here’s to mention number gazillion and one.  Last week was gorgeous here in central Maine!  You know, one of those days where you throw open the windows, put on a skirt and flops even though it’s still just a tad too chilly, and spend an afternoon relaxing on the deck.  We kicked off the official start of spring with some 80 degree weather and I’m certainly not complaining.  While mother nature brought spring in with a bang, I also thought our home needed a little spring-ification.  And where does one shop for spring-ification appropriate items?  The Home Goods shop at TJ Maxx.  First up…this $12 rug.

I loved how bright and colorful it is!  The second I spotted it in Home Goods I knew it was coming home with me but I just didn’t know where to put it.  Does that ever happen to you?  It took me a few moments after I tucked it under my arm when I realized it would be oh so perfect for brightening up the kitchen.

Doesn’t the rug totally liven up the kitchen and mask the ugly, disgusting-ness of the kitchen floor?  Who I am I kidding!  That floor is nasssssssty with a capital “N”.  Is it time to redo the kitchen floor yet?  No?  Le sigh!  The rug actually, almost, kind of, not really blends into the floor.  But anyway the rug is cute and I love it!  AND it covers up the neon purple plumber’s glue stain that Colby spilled just in front of the sink.

Purchase #2, a $20 dog bed for the Goose.

It’s extra fluffy and extra large and extra girly for a boy dog.  Goose digs florals, I swear.  He’s a bit gender confused and quite the sally.  But in reality Goose digs his new bed especially because it’s about twice as big as any of his other beds and he just sinks right down into it.  The bed is currently living upstairs in our former office, future craft room and current empty/confused room.  And finally purchase #3, not from Home Goods but from Lowes, a $7 house plant with a rustic clay pot.

The plant is a shade loving house plant that I can’t tell you what kind of plant it is, except that the sales girl guaranteed me that I couldn’t kill it due to lack of sunlight in the corner of the office space.  And yes, I regret to inform that the plant that used to live there is on the verge of death.  We’re planning it’s funeral service as we speak and thinking of the kind words we’ll speak of for the eulogy.

We’ll see how the plant thing goes.  I may not kill it from lack of sun but there’s always my old standby lack of water.  So this concludes our little tour through our spring-ification of our home.  I know, it wasn’t too terribly exciting.  Good thing we don’t charge admission here at the Roost otherwise there would be an angry mob knocking down the door asking for their money back.  But the added springyness is definitely helping us on this 28 degree day, to remember that it is spring and summer is just around the corner.

Pssst…what do you all do to add spring-ification to your homes?  Flowers, plants, bright colored items?  I like color!  To me spring=bright color!


  1. Lot’s of the color blue lately, is it a trend? I think that girl in high school who had to have yellow ceilings, green walls and blue accents is definitely changing. ps I think that is a spider plant, if it needs water the leaves will start to brown but once you water again its fine, just snip the brown parts off.

    1. I know! I realized how much blue was creeping into our house the day I was painting all those balusters. I don’t do it on purpose I swear! I gravitate to blue apparently! AND my high school room was yellow ceiling, ORANGE walls, with green/blue accents. You stand corrected! Ahaha! I’m going to finish up the house tour page this weekend, so on Monday…be sure to check out our master bedroom and see if you recognize the night stand. It’s a high school flashback for sure! I think you actually painted it for me! Ahhhh…memories!

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