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Actually, mum’s not the word here at Angie’s Roost.  I am not known to be quiet, or silent, or mum so why should I start now?  No…I’m going to blab share a couple of hundred words about my new mums so hold on for the ride.  A mum adventure is brewing.  First off, fall is definitely here.  One day it was 85 and muggy and then someone (not me) flipped the fall switch and it’s now about 55 and chilly.  That’s just how it works here in Maine.  With the fall season in full force, it was time for a little fall time decorating.  First step, change out the summer time pots on the front steps to something a bit more fall-ish:

I know.  It’s sad.  Like when you throw the ball to Goose but throw it just a little too far, out of his reach when he’s tied to the run, and he tries and he tries but he just can’t get that ball.  Sad.  The striped pots are cute but the pepper plants that were supposed to be in them just never grew.  These were planted in May:

And poor, Petey (that’s the name of this plant):

Let me just tell you a little story about Petey.  This is Colby’s plant that he’s had back since before there was no Angie (as in Colby & Angie).  The plant has been through a lot, especially in the last two years.  He has been starved, drowned, dropped, dumped, frozen, and eaten (by Goose…not Colby…just wanted to clarify that one).  Somehow, the plant just takes a licking then keeps on ticking.  The picture above shows Petey’s “new growth”.  We almost lost him last spring when we drowned him (we re-potted him and forgot to remove the plug at the bottom of the pot, he was a muddy, soupy mess for a few weeks after a rainstorm) and then froze him by leaving him outside in sub-zero temps accidentally.  Most of Petey died off but somehow a few, small chutes came through.  Back to mums.  I dumped the pepper plants and put the pots away until next summer, and added my new mums:

I liked the mums/Petey combo but after contemplating Petey’s health and the chilly weather, I thought it best to play it safe and take Petey back inside until next summer comes around again.  It would be best for his health.  And then there was one…mum that is:

After taking Petey inside, I came down with a bout of indecisiveness.  Do I like the mums here:

Where they hide some of the flaking paint that I need to fix…or here:

Where they are NOT a tripping hazard.  After moving the mums back and forth, back and forth, and back again, I went through my final deliberations (heavy stuff…decision making is not always my strong suit) and the mums remained here:

Goose approves.

Pssst…Anyone else have some SERIOUS problems growing their peppers this summer?!  They grew fine last year but I think we just ended up with some duds for seeds!  I blame Burpee.  It’s definitely not the gardener’s fault.  The gardener who has no green thumb.

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