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November Monthly Roundup

It’s hard to believe but another month has come and gone.  Boo for time going by so fast!  So it’s time to take a little time and reflect back on the past month’s worth of projects and recap them for you.  And I love me a good ol’ recap, monthly roundup post since it helps keep morale up and the projects a chugging since we take the time to look back at all we accomplished instead of just perpetually adding more “to-dos” to the good ol’ to-do list.  Run on sentence say what!  Without further ado…our November projects all in one post.

Cutest Room:  The dining room after we finished painting the corner hutch closet door.  It’s like the piece de la resistance (in French world) and it really polishes off the room.  I love the colors..particularly that tall, dark and handsome navy blue interior.

Most Likely To Get Into A Baby Duel:  My husband…thanks to his baby duel quote in this $#*! My Husband Says Quote.

“R” To The Review:  The Graco paint sprayer from Lowes review I put together complete with a “five paint can” rating system.  After painting the corner hutch with it, I’m sold.  And at only $119, it didn’t break the bank while getting the job done.

Most Likely To Have Turtle Power:  The Nate Berkus for Target tortoise shell that I picked up and hung in the craft room.  It’s one serious “hero in a half shell”.

Most Musical:  We hung Colby’s guitars in the living room using nifty guitar hanging hooks from a music supply store.

Gonna Get My Dance On:  Thanks to the first dance art that we created for our wedding gallery wall in our master bedroom.  Using a pin-spired idea, I wrote out the lyrics from our first dance song onto the picture frame mat and framed up a black and white photo of us during our first dance.  Cue up the “awwwwww”.

I’d Like To Thank The Academy:  Actually I would like to thank Jennifer from The Brave New Home blog for the Liebster Blog Award nomination.  Jennifer you’re my girl!

Birdie Birdie In The Box:  Thanks to an inexpensive faux leather box I found at Home Goods, we created a wedding box to hold all our wedding mementos all in one place.  From cards to cake topper, cake knife, invitations and more…the wedding box has got it.

The New Chair-Iff In Town:  The $4.99 cane-backed chair that I picked up at a thrift store.  It needs a little refinishing, which is underway…slowly underway.  And no worries, I haven’t forgotten about it.  I’ve been removing the old upholstery one…painful to remove…upholstery staple…at a time.  Needless to say, it’s a slow process and I’m about to let Christmas festivities get in progress’s way.

Most In Love:  With the new Young House Love book.  I’m still new to, but uber obsessed with, design books so I had to put together a little list of the design books on my wish list.  Le drool.

Most Likely To Be Found On A Roof:  These tools that I listed out in a little roofing tools of the trade post.  We recently shingled our own roof and this list of tools is what we used to get the job done, and done fast before Hurricane Sandy stormed through (bad pun police, bad pun police).

I Like To Roof It Roof It:  In this how to shingle your roof post.  Actually, I don’t REALLY like to roof it.  That’s a lie.  I do however like painting.  So three cheers for Colby and our roofing crew for getting our roof done-zo.

Most Likely To Be Lurking In The Shadows:  The box…as in shadow box for our wedding invitations.  This was another art project for the wedding art gallery in master bedroom.

Most Thankful:  For all you fabulous readers and all your fabulous comments.  We wished you all a Happy Thanksgiving from a couple of turkeys and a Goose.  Confession time…we used a Christmas card photo option for our “Happy Thanksgiving” pic.  Doh!  But it was just too cute to pass up!  #ourdogwilldoanythingforacookie

Give Me A “C”:  For Campbell, my new last name.  To commemorate our wedding and add more rustic charm to our wedding art gallery, I picked up a metal “C” cut from roofing tin from Etsy.

Most Scratched Up:  Our hallway floor after using the wrong poly and discovering it was peeling up a mere two weeks after finishing up four coats of poly.  Thus, we refinished the hall floor by scraping up the old poly and laying down four new coats of oil based poly.

Most Improved Gallery Wall:  The wedding art gallery remixed, after adding a slew of mismatched frames and wedding prints.  The gallery ended up much more full and lively.  And I’m pretty certain there will be more tweakages to the gallery in the not so distant future.  It’s like an amoeba and just keeps morphing.

Insta-Addicted:  To Instagram.  Catch our Instagram recap for November, which includes our favorite pics including this one of Goose in his element:

And there you have it.  A November’s worth of projects and posts and shenaniganery all in one post.

Pssst…How about you guys?  Do you take time to periodically look back on what you’ve done with a “dang…I make this look good” attitude a la Men In Black?  Speaking of, did anyone else see the previews for the new Men In Black movie?  I sooooo want to see that one!

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