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October Monthly Roundup

And it’s October monthly roundup time.  I know, I know.  It seems like just yesterday we were rounding up September and now October has come and gone.  Sniffle sniffle.  Blog posts grow up so fast!  Before we know it they’ll be going off to college and graduating and getting real jobs.  I believe the word you are looking for is….anyway.  It’s monthly roundup time where we recap the last month of projects and posts in one tight, little package.  Kind of like Eric Church’s butt.  Swoon!  So without further ado, I bring you the October monthly roundup Angie’s Roost style with superlatives (actually it’s more like Young House Love style since I totally abducted their idea).

Best Boston Pun: The “Two If By Sea” post about our Boston shopping experience where we hit up Anthropologie and West Elm, which were firsts for me.  And check out the bootie we came home with.

Best Micro Project:  I started a micro journal…as in I have 365 note cards, one for every day of the year, with the date on top, and every day I write down one thing that happened that day.  It’s a one-liner a day keeps the doctor away kind of journal.  And then next year, I’ll use the same set of cards and add a new line to it.  And so on and so on and so on.

Biggest Burlap Item:  The burlap bags that we purchased abusing our Pottery Barn wedding registry discount.  The ginormous one is large enough to hold my equally ginormous afghan that my momma bear made for me when I went off to college.  Awwwwwww.

Most Miles Traveled In Three Weeks:  Our epic series of road trips including an Island Falls golf vacation, Boston for a Red Sox game, and Connecticut for a wedding.  We had a blast, but it’s good to be home.  I missed painting things and apparently it’s frowned upon when you try to “refinish” hotel furniture.

Best New Blog Post Series:  The $#*! My Husband Says series where I share some of the ridiculous stuff my funny hubby says.  I even created a $#*! My Husband Says landing page where you can catch all the crazy goodness in one spot.  Or check out Quote #1 or Quote #2 to read all about it.

Most Likely To Have An Identity Crisis:  Goose after we dressed him up in sheep’s clothing to show off our new Ikea faux sheepskin rugs that we planted in our bedroom.

Most Prolonged Project:  The kitchen closet renovation that’s been “in progress” for several months.  But we FINALLY finished that kitchen closet with some stained shelves, a closet rod, and painted bi-fold closet doors.  Booyah.

Most Risque:  The “Take A Peak At My Drawers” post about the kitchen closet organizational master plan including baskets, and bags, and hangers…oh my.

Most Likely To Be A Bob Ross Moment:  The “happy accident” going on in the kitchen where I bought an Ikea white trash can to use as a Goose food pail, which was too big and could actually hold our dog.  So we happy accident-ed it and turned it into a receptacle for our recyclables.

Quickest Organizational Project:  The closet scarf organizer made from embroidery hoops.  Not only did it take 3.8 seconds flat to complete but it cost less than five bucks.  Can’t beat a cheap and quick project.

Battiest Moment:  The felt bats hanging above our staircase.  On a side note, four days after hanging them Goose finally noticed and was scared to death of them.  He wouldn’t go down the staircase.  Our dog may have a complex.

Most Pin-Tastic Announcement:  The Pinterest Challenge Fall 2012 edition announcement.  Nothing like a good ol’ Pinterest Challenge hosted by some of my favorite bloggers to get my butt in gear to STOP pinning and START doing.

Most Roof-Tastic Announcement:  Our “Roofing With The Campbells” announcement.  The problem…a leaky, disintegrating roof.  The other problem…an impending hurricane.  The solution…shingle the roof in a weekend.

Most Calculated Moment:  The blog post where we revealed our secret to calculating the amount of shingles needed for a roofing project without having to go out on the roof to measure it.  The Pythagorean Theorem may have made a comeback from high school geometry.

Fastest Roofing Job Ever Thanks To An Impending Hurricane and An Amazing Roofing Crew:  We shingled our house.  We shingled our house in one weekend.  We rock.  And I should mention (before I get in trouble) that I mean the liberal we.  I didn’t make it past the fourth ladder rung before chickening out on this project.  But HUGE shout out to Colby, my brother Anthony, and his friend Adam for rocking out our roof.  And we can officially confirm…no more leaks.  The roof has been hurricane tested and high wind approved.

Most Epicly Awesome Pinterest Challenge Project Evah:  Or maybe I’m just biased.  But for Pinterest Challenge project season we turned an old corner hutch into a secret closet door.  You’ve been served.  Haha!  Now if I could only get that thing back outside to finish spray painting it…fingers crossed no hurricanes this weekend!

Biggest Addiction:  Other than Pinterest of course, is Instagram.  I’m Insta-Addicted.  ‘Nuf said.

The Real Battiest Moment:  Goose as bat dog.  A reader asked how Goose likes dressing up and here’s the skinny on our dog.  He hates it.  Absolutely hates it.  As soon as the meaty bone goes away (Colby usually holds one while I snap pictures) he tears his costume off before Colby can bat one of those gorgeous eyes of his.  Colby is a slow eye batter and all, but he still weasels his way out of “outfit” like nobody’s business.  Can’t you just see the disdain in his eyes?!

And with that, we’re closing the door on October.  How did October turn out for you?  Any projects complete?  Or did anyone else dress their dog up for Halloween?!  Did he hate it as much as ours did?  Someday I’ll meet a dog who likes to play dress-up.

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