On The First Day Of Craft-Mas 2011

On the first day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me…a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

You may have gotten a sneak peek of it back here when I dressed up our table for Christmas.  Ok…so I’m on the fence on whether or not this is really considered a “craft” but I’m easing my way into this Craft-mas series.  Don’t worry, next week we’ll be breaking out the glue gun and the glitter.  But I thought I would share the tutorial on how we pieced together this little decoration which is PERFECT for our dining room.  And it was a really easy project.  Here is the play by play.  First we gathered our materials:

Which included some drainage gravel that we picked up at Lowes for $2.97, a galvanized bucket from NH Bragg for $10, and a FREE mini Christmas tree (courtesy of Colby’s hunting camp).  Then we poured some gravel into the bottom of the bucket:

Then stuck the tree into the gravel:

Then filled up the rest of the bucket with the gravel:

Trimmed up some of the low branches:

Brought the tree into the dining room:

And decorated it using some really cute decorations from Target:

The garland was only $4 and one strand was plenty for the tree.  The gold, glittery pine cones were only $6 for a tube of 8 of them.  Although, I believe we are now down to only 7 pine cones because Goose mistook one of them for his personal chew toy.  So there you have it…Craft-mas Day #1, an easy project with a huge impact for a natural, thrifty Christmas touch.

Pssst…I’ve been working on a Craft-mas schedule (because that’s the OCD in me…totally true…the schedule is even in a spreadsheet) and there is some serious glitter coming your way in the next couple of weeks as Craft-mas continues.  Oh…and a bit of a Santa/Underwear situation.  Just wait….you’ll see!


    1. Oh yeah…I’m definitely watering the tree. But about as often as we water our other plants which is practically non existent.

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