Organizational Roulette

Do you ever have one of those days?  You know…the one where you come running home in a panic, looking for something, realize your life is completely unorganized, and then you throw everything that was pseudo organized on the floor until you find that thing you were looking for.  You know…like this:

I had a moment.  And that moment made me realize that I desperately needed to change things up.  Enter organizational roulette.  It first started with this:

All my old school notebooks that I’ve been collecting and holding onto for the last six years.  I decided I didn’t really need to keep them anymore since the majority of their contents could also be found on my computer.  Time to chuck ’em.  In came the recycling bin and out went all the paper:

Check out how many divider tabs and notebooks I had leftover:

Crazy.  I decided to save these in case Colby wanted them for work.  It took me a couple of hours to weed through all my old papers and case studies.  I admit it, I got a little nostalgic and started reliving my MBA program days.

My organizational drive didn’t stop there.  I next turned to this:

Those are a pair of curtain panels, still in their packages, sitting on the office floor.  They have been sitting there for about six months now while each of the office windows have been sporting only one panel each.  So I hung them:

Hmmm…I still need to hem the curtains a bit.  Then I got really ambitious…and I mean REALLY ambitious.  It was time for Colby and I to switch offices.  You see Colby had set up his office space in the parlor while I was set up in the office.  The plan was, once I finished graduate school Colby and I would switch office spaces.  Well, I graduated months ago so I guess it’s about time we got on that.  So the parlor went from this:

To this:

But it did look like this for a little while:

Big mess, big mess. And the office space turned into this:

We ended up flopping the sofa with the desk to give Colby one long wall for everything work related.  Eventually, the plan is to build a desk that is slightly longer and wraps around the window slightly.  Here’s another view:

And another view:

It’s a little sad that we JUST hung all the bar coaster art and now it needs to be moved.  But the organizational possibilities for that huge, open wall is endless and is making me uber excited.  Oh the shelving and letter bins and cork boards, oh my!  While Colby gets the swanky office space upstairs, I now have this nook in the parlor:

It’s plain and boring right now, and my computer isn’t even hooked up, but I have good intentions of remedying all that.  Just give me a few days…or maybe a week.  But do you recognize my new desk?  Oh yeah, it came from our entryway:

So what’s in our entry now?  Remember our $5 bamboo chest that we scored at a flea market last month?  Yeah…that’s been moved out into the entry:

The chest finally has a home and a purpose.  I put it to good use and it now houses all the items that I want to take to the local Salvation Army.  As I’m cleaning/organizing and find items I no longer need or use, it goes into the chest.  Once the chest is full I’ll unload its contents and take the loot across town to make a donation.  Big fan of the new system.  Now my kitchen table is free of donation items and can be properly filled with wedding crafts!

I saved the best part of organizational roulette for the end, the newly moved, rearranged, and decorated console:

This is a modular system that I got from Target many moons ago when I was in college (and by many moons ago I really mean about seven or eight years ago…I’m not that old…yet).  These have been awesome through the years as I’ve always reconfigured their layout and structure to suit my living arrangements du jour.  Although I’m definitely outgrowing them…or out-styling them.  I’m starting to feel a little too grown up to be sporting modular furniture.  But these guys will work for now until dream living room/parlor re-do occurs…maybe next summer.

When it came time to decorating the console, I walked around the house and stole decorations from various rooms and also pulled items from storage.  I’m pretty happy with the outcome but I’m almost certain it will change on a regular basis.

Did you notice I found a use for the flea market floats?  And Christa…did you see the tray?  Recognize it?

So that’s our big organizational roulette game and here’s the post game re-cap:  I moved out of the office, Colby’s old desk gets trashed (believe me…it had to go), Colby moves into the office, I move down to parlor, move vanity from entry to parlor to become my desk, move/re-configure shelves in parlor to where Colby’s desk used to be, move bamboo chest to entry……and BREAK!  Now it’s time for operation make my new desk space super pretty and uber functional!

Pssst…Anyone have any fun projects planned for the long weekend?  I know we do so stay tuned for all the dirty details!

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