Pitchers With A Side Of Table

So this post is loooooong over due.  So long.  So very very long.  But considering I have little to report in the parlor refinishing project thanks to being out straight stressed/busy at work work and coming down with a weird cold thing, it’s time for some pulling out some oldies.   Thus, I’m catching up on some random shopping steals of yore.  Way back, probably just before Halloween, I hit up the local antique store in beautiful downtown Bangor, Maine for their big anniversary sale and boy did I score big!  When I went to the store I was on a mission…find an old, white pitcher.  Rarely, do I actually find what I’m looking for and even rarely do I find TWO of what I was looking for:

As you can see, I wanted the pitchers to hold all the paint brushes that have accumulated in our home.  I’m not gonna lie, I use paint brushes daily at this stage of our renovations so having a cute, handy place for them was key.  This pair of pitchers have been nomads over the last couple of months from the kitchen table to the dining room table to the parlor console to the corner hutch.  And I’m sure you’ve seen them popping up here and there during various projects.  But currently, they call the living room home.

Not only did I find the pitchers that I was looking for during the antique sale, I also found something I just couldn’t possibly live without.  You know what I’m talking about…the thing that you have no idea where it’s going to go or what you’re going to use it for but you HAVE to have it.  Well, that’s what this wicker side table was to me.

When I brought it home, it lived on the porch for a long time until Colby of all people, scoffed it up and took it up to his office space (which is oh so close to moving down into the parlor).

I think the table is adorable, absolutely adorable.  I’m sure, like the pitchers, that it will also become a nomad and cruise from room to room as it’s needed.  I guess that’s what I would consider good decor, an item that can fit in seamlessly in any room of your house.  But I’m digging this guy upstairs in the office…or soon to be crafting space/guest room space so he’ll probably hang tight for a bit.

Pssst…Big news tomorrow!  Don’t forget to tune in!

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