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Some Good Herb

Yes we’re growing some herb…good herb.  No!  Not that kind!  Sheesh!  Does anyone even say sheesh anymore?!  I am growing some herb of the rosemary, cilantro, parsley, basil, dill, and mint variety.  Check out my new found herb garden:

This has actually been almost a year’s worth of work in progress.  It all started last summer when I made Colby add a shelf in front of the back window large enough for my herb garden.  I already had the pots courtesy of Target of course.  Colby built the shelf, I painted, and then started my first herb garden (by seed).  I planted the seeds, diligently watered them, and got…….nothing.  Absolutely nothing grew.  So I tried it again with another round of seeds from the same packets.  Result: still nothing.  Obviously the problem wasn’t the chick with no green thumb, of course not, it had to be faulty seeds.  So in the trash the seeds went then again this spring I picked up some new seeds and tried again.  I only came to the same result of no plants.  Actually, one of the plants started to grow but they quickly died off.  Apparently I’m not allowed to grow plants.

A few weeks ago, slightly dejected by my failed herb garden attempt, I was out picking up a window box for the shed (more on that later) and I came across some pre-started herb plants in the garden section of the Depot (Home Depot that is).  It was meant to be, herb love at first sight.  They had all six of the herbs I use most so I picked them up, brought them home, and planted them.  They have been thriving ever since!  I even read the handy directions on the tag and learned about their light and watering needs and appropriately organized them on the shelf for optimal lighting enjoyment.  It’s the obsessive compulsiveness in me that makes me do that.  It’s been about two weeks and I haven’t killed them off yet!  Woohoo!  Maybe I’ll get to enjoy the basil in a caprese salad…yum-o!  Check out the close up:

That’s my not quite so successful, missed the head of the nail attempt at artsy photography.  I tried.  But at least you can see that I the herbs are green and not brown.  Thus, my suggestion to you all out there in herb land, do yourself a favor and just pick up the plants at your local garden shop.  They’re just as cheap as the seeds and you can enjoy them immediately (for all you impatient folks out there like me).  I believe I paid about $1.49 for each seed packet and $1.50 for each of these plants.

So go out there and enjoy some good herb this weekend!  I know I will!

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