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They Just Jumped Into My Cart I Swear

If you’ve learned anything around these parts, it’s the following…(1) we love us a good DIY project, (2) we’re crazy about our pooch, Goose, even though he’s off the charts on the obnoxious scale just a little more obnoxious than Heidi Montag but a little less than Paris Hilton, and (3) I have precisely zero point zero willpower at Home Goods (remember the pink mirror from a couple of weeks ago?)! ¬†Anyway…the other day I was on a quest for a bathmat…somehow upgraded to a cart to pick up a few baskets to organize the bathroom, and then these guys just magically jumped into my cart.

Metal Mermaid Canisters From Home Goods

It happens.  Mermaids are magical like that.  I picked up the trio of mermaid canisters for $19 (they were sold individually for $9.00 for the large one, $6.00 for the medium one, and $4.00 for the small one.  At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them…but then when I brought them home I had an epiphany moment…dog treat canisters to corral the dog treat mess going on in the metal cabinets in the laundry room.

Shelf Of Goose Treats

Disclaimer…no, we’re not big fans of the old school metal cabinetry nor our dated kitchen.  We bandaid-ed the space with some paint, but plans for a complete remodel are in the works…woot woot!  Anyway…I know we have a Goose treat problem…but seriously…how can you resist a face like that!

Goose Post Cookie Tossing

Thankfully the canisters were food safe, at least that’s what the sticker on the bottom said.  So hopefully Goose won’t start acting deranged or grow extra toes.  Goose’s treats easily fell into three canister categories…fancy “Goose is a good boy” treats (the veggies from Beneful), the everyday treats (the Beneful dog crackers…which Colby also finds tasty…seriously…he loves them…I wish I was kidding), and the “good for Goose’s teeth” dental sticks.

Canisters Of Goose Treats

And the entire time I was organizing Goose’s treats…he was “supervising” to make sure I was doing it correctly.  Such an overbearing dog.

Goose Eyeing Canisters Of Goose Treats

After filling the canisters, I plopped the mermaid trio on the counter beside the stove, which fit oh so perfectly in the space.

Mermaid Canisters From Home Goods On The Kitchen Counter

Although I’m not convinced that they’ll stay there since (A) they’re in the stove top splash danger zone where one should be aware of spaghetti sauce splatters and (B) they also are in the even more frightening “Goose can reach these” danger zone.

Eyeing The Dog Treat Canisters

I’m sensing imminent doom for those canisters.  We’ll see how Goose handles them over the next couple of days before deciding if we should relocate them.  Hopefully we won’t be reporting in with any mermaid destruction.

Pssst…So what has “jumped” into your cart lately?  I don’t think I’m physically capable of coming out of Home Goods empty handed.  Just doesn’t happen.  Or anyone else have an overtly spoiled fur baby?  Or a husband that enjoys dog treats?  Sheesh!


  1. I LOVE them! I’m so glad you picked them up! That’s precisely why I have to limit my Home Goods trips—I always find exactly what I never knew I completely needed!

    1. Thanks! And you stated it perfectly…I love that “I always find exactly what I never knew I completely needed!” You should pitch that to Home Goods as their new slogan…it’s perfect!

  2. The canisters are awesome! I have a ‘jumping in my cart’ problem too. Mostly at Target….most recent item to jump in my cart was a pair of 95 inch white curtain panels….for $35! And that’s regular price!! They now make a fabulous statement as the new shower curtain in our bathroom!

    1. Hahaha! Target gets me too! And that’s such a SWEET score for that size curtains! That’s still a steal even for a single panel! Oh Target!

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