Two If By Sea

As you may or may not have noticed thanks to all those Instagram pics, Colby and I spent a little time in Boston last weekend.  Our primary purpose of the trip was to go down to Fenway and see a Red Sux…I mean…Red Sox game (they  lost in extra innings….booooo) and then to the Sam Adams Octoberfest (it was beer-tastic).  But it just so happened that the hotel we stayed at was within walking distance to both Anthropologie and West Elm…side trip perhaps?!  “Two If By Sea”…get it…Boston…two home goods stores…it worked in my head.

I had never been to either store before.  Why yes…yes I am an Anthro/West Elm newbie.  I couldn’t wait to go check out all the goods I’ve spent ages drooling over on their respective websites.  And those stores did not disappoint.  Poor Colby…it was all, “oooh, this is so much cuter in person!” and “I had no idea this bowl was so small!” and “where or where would I find those mugs?!”.  He was a good husband.  It was fun for me but I’m not so sure he enjoyed the stores quite as much as I did.  For me, it was like coming home…home to a gorgeous, well manicured, meticulously decorated home that I want to move into.

But anyway, you know I had to come home with my first Anthropologie and West Elm purchases.  It would be sacrelegious not to.  And of course me and my type A personality HAD ALREADY PICKED OUT THE GOODS before even entering the store.  What is wrong with me?!  Can I just have one spontaneous moment for once in my life?! Sheesh!  But anyway…check out the goods that we brought home.

The bird vase and the egg crate came from West Elm and the berry crates, mugs, and door hardware came from Anthropologie.  As for what is going where and how we’re using our latest purchases, the muchos cool-os door pulls are for the kitchen closet doors.  That is, if I ever finish the project that never ends!

The monogram mugs, “A” for Angie and “C” for Colby, are meant for our morning coffee.  Although we’ve only used the mugs once so far and that was for ice cream.  Same difference.  But our current mug situation is pretty much all over the place and I love the idea of having just a few, consistently themed mugs.  These are perfect mugs.  Perfect size and cute as a button.  It may be time to yard sale the old mugs.

The ceramic berry containers, which came from Anthro, also have a specific purpose…well…one of them does.  But I can’t reveal to you yet what that purpose is for.  It would be like a magician revealing his secrets…or Barney Stinson revealing his magician secrets at airport security.  It just won’t happen yet.  More on that later this week since I’m still finishing up that project.

And then there is the vase.  The dear, sweet, gorgeous vase that I’ve visited virtually at least four dozen times in the last month or so.  Yes, I’m that in love with the vase.  Colby get worried cuz this love runs deep!  And it’s one of the artisans for West Elm, which I find to be a really awesome joint venture between independent artists and the West Elm chain.

I wish we lived in a home where a vase could live on the window sill but alas…we have a Goose.  A Goose who loves to jump onto the window sills as children and squirrels go by our home.  So the vase has been relocated to a much higher location…the shelf in the parlor.

And finally there is the egg crate which, like you’ve seen about a gazillion times, used to store my sparkly earrings and cocktail ring bling.  Nothing new to see here folks.  But I love the concept of using the ceramic egg storage container to hold jewelry.  It’s adorable sitting on my dresser and there it will stay.  Especially since I like to strip myself of all my bling at the end of the night and it usually sits on top of the dresser (or bathroom vanity) anyway.

So there you have it.  A mini shopping spree at the Boston Anthropologie and West Elm stores.  They may have been the highlight of the trip, you know, since the Red Sox are completely blowing this season!  Oh well.  Here’s to next year!

Pssst…and on a completely different side note, Colby and I completely ran into Bobby Valentine, the Red Sox coach, on our way to Octoberfest.  Weird.  But anyway, have you guys shopped Anthro or West Elm lately?!  Those stores are awesome!  I’m seriously digging West Elm.  It was way more awesome in person than via the web!  Have any favorite items at the stores?

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