Wedding Wednesday: Are Brides Supposed To Be This Relaxed?!

I’m serious here!  Are brides really supposed to be this laid back and relaxed when it comes to planning their wedding?  I’m starting to think I’m an anomaly.  Throughout this entire wedding planning process, I haven’t gotten stressed, or totally freaked, or pulled a bridezilla.  Nope, nada, not once.  Colby certainly appreciates it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m actually quite happy about it.  Although I do feel a little jipped.  Don’t stressed out brides get treated to luxurious massages and pedicures?

I attribute my happy go lucky, sunny disposition attitude towards wedding planning to two things.  My first words of wisdom for brides out there planning their weddings are actually Colby’s words of wisdom.  He has his brilliant moments.  So every time something doesn’t go quite right he tells me, “remember, just treat this wedding like it’s our second wedding.”  Genius.  And it totally works.  Every second wedding I’ve been to has been twice as fun than the first go around.  There’s always this laid back, we’ve already done this before so we’re just going to kick back vibe going on.

Okay, so the second, probably more important, piece of the pie that keeps me chugging is organization.  I keep lists.  Lots and lots of lists.  And they’re all in this little planner by Martha Stewart of course (read more about my love of Martha’s organization products here).

I write everything, and I mean EVERYTHING down in this planner.  Not only do I keep multiple wedding planning lists, but there are lists for blog related stuff, house project tasks, shopping lists, and even to-do lists for projects at work.  It’s my go-to organizational system.

I’m one of those people who needs to write everything down.  And I mean everything.  My planner goes pretty much everywhere I go so anytime I think of an idea, or something I need to do, or need to jot down a number or a price, I have a place for it.  It’s my savior.  And oftentimes at night, as I’m decompressing or getting things together for the next day, I sort through my planner, check things off my list that I’ve done, go through the notes, and figure things out.  But when it comes to wedding planning, most of what is in my daily planner gets transferred to something bigger and better.  On nights and weekends, most of our wedding info and notes gets transferred to the big boy, the wedding binder.

It’s full of lists, pocket folders for collected materials, contact forms, timelines, and more…so much more.  There’s pretty much a page for every single aspect of wedding planning.  Anything that I consider a long term necessity for wedding planning, such as our reception venue coordinator’s contact info, finds it’s way into the notebook.  It’s the one stop shop for anything wedding related.  My favorite part so far of the notebook are the pocket folders in the front:

I only have one business card in the pockets.  Most of what has accumulated are coupons.  Boy do I love coupons!  There’s a discount card for our jeweler that I received for filling out a survey with them, a coupon for 10% off the price of our cake for booking it at the Bangor Bridal show, and even a coupon for free zumba classes.  I can’t believe I haven’t redeemed the zumba coupon yet!  I also keep loose items that I don’t want to misplace, such as stamps, in a zippered pocket.  The notebook has been a great catchall.  With everything in one place I feel like I’m in total control of our wedding planning and it doesn’t overwhelm me.

So what are we working on these days for our wedding?  Well….here’s a look at our upcoming projects (we’re trying to tackle alot of the crafty-ness stuff before winter’s end):

  • Decide on our wedding invitation design and start crafting them
  • Make the napkins for the reception and customize them with a stamp
  • Make table runners
  • Choose center piece designs and start making them (I’m currently leaning towards birch bark covered vessels)
  • Pick out our flowers, order the seeds, and start growing them inside (yes…we also think we’re crazy for wanting to grow our own flowers)
  • Purchase our wedding bands (we already have them picked out…we just need to pull the trigger and purchase them)
  • Colby needs to pick out his attire
  • We still need to choose our groomsmen and bridesmaid attire (working on that currently)
  • Purchase a cake topper (I’ve got a cute pair of “love birds” picked out on an Etsy shop)
  • Shoes!  I can’t wait to shop for shoes!  I’m not so patiently waiting for the spring shoe lines to come out so I can find a cute, summery pair.
  • Devise a preliminary, day of timeline for the ceremony and reception

And much more, but those guys are the front runners on the good ol’ wedding planning to do list.  Oh how I love thee lists!  What would I do without you?!

Pssst…This week, my mom stopped by with her sewing machine in tow.  She’s letting me borrow it for a few weeks so I can get cracking on the sewing projects on my list.  Now I just need a Jo-Ann’s Fabrics coupon to come in the mail and then I’m good to go!

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