Wedding Wednesday: Giving Thanks

The other day, one of my favorite people and most amazing tennis players I know (she’s my doubles partner…I was obligated to say that) sought out an engagement present for Colby and I and gave it to me after practice.  I have a few comments about this.  First, oh my gosh she is awesome and probably one of the most thoughtful people I know!  Second, she packaged our present in a yellow box with a blue bow…our wedding colors…and didn’t even know those were our wedding colors!  This is why we’re doubles partners!  But lo and behold our engagement present:

It’s an antique dessert plate.  Remember when I told you that Lisa is super thoughtful?  Here is the story behind the plate.  She was out antiquing with her husband, came across the plate, and immediately thought of me.  See, she remembered about these amazing, homemade mint candies that I make at Christmas every year.  It’s a family tradition that has been passed down to me.  When Lisa saw this plate she thought how perfect those candies would look on it.  Cue the “awwwwwwww”.  I love it!!!  And Colby loves it too…well…about as much as an athletic male is allowed to love antique dishes.  And it looks so cute on the dining room table:

Next to my (cough, cough) fake (cough, cough) flowers:

So, this blog post really isn’t about our amazing gift.  No, it’s about thoughtfulness.  This was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve received and I must give thanks to Lisa for it.  When it comes to giving thanks, I’m a total traditionalist.  I love a good thank you note.  Heck…I seriously have a shoe box full of thank you notes (and also a couple of extra birthday cards and thinking of you cards for emergency situations).

So I got to thinking about the thank you card in general as I sat down to craft one for Lisa.  My typical “thank you so much” script just wasn’t going to cut it.  Every wedding planning website I go to or wedding resource guide I look through, the subject of thank you notes comes up.  They’re definitely a must.  And in my book, they can’t be taken lightly.  For Lisa, I have every intention of making a batch of Christmas mints (even though it’s a little early in the Christmas season), and staging a little photo session with the mints on the plate.  Along with a note, I’ll also be sending along the picture.  I think it’s a nice gesture.  I just hate the idea of a cookie cutter thank you note.  And with every thank you note I write, I want them to feel individualistic and personal.  The reader should feel the thankfulness.

Slightly off topic, but I also wanted to mention this point about thank you notes that I found on The Knot’s website:

Traditionally, wedding thank-you notes are written in blue or black ink on folded ivory or white notepaper.

Read more: Wedding Thank You Notes Guide –

So does that mean I can’t use the zebra print thank you notes with the hot pink, glittery thank you on the front?  No?  Really?!  So disappointing!

So now I’ve babbled on for 500 plus words about thankfulness and notes, but I can’t stress enough their importance.

Pssst….so I’ve got a draft of the save the dates made!  Eeeeeee….yes!  I can’t wait to share them with you but I’m hoping to send them out to our friends and family first so I don’t ruin the surprise since so many of them read this.  So exciting, so exciting!  This may sound stupid, but making the save the dates is actually making our wedding feel real!

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