Wedding Wednesday: Lists…My Second Great Love

I love lists.  It’s no surprise, really.  If it’s somewhat organizationally oriented, I’m all over it like a fat kid to cake.  Mmmmm…cake.  Thus it’s no surprise I hopped on the organizational train early on in our wedding planning and created an uber organized and easy to use wedding database.  Let me introduce you to my savior, my knight in shining armor, my wedding guest list guru…..Google Docs.  Enter wedding guest list database:

Please note that these are not the real addresses of my guests.  On second thought, maybe my parents really do live on “Awesome Street”.  I wanted to create a spreadsheet that could collect all our guests’ information to make it easier to keep track of who we want to invite, how many people are coming (or right now potentially coming…we’re already up to 135!), our guests’ addresses, etc.  It’s a simple spreadsheet but an effective one.  The beauty of the Google Doc is its versatility and functionality in access.  Let’s step back to the very beginning about Google Docs.  Essentially, Google Docs is a spreadsheet or word document that you can first create in Microsoft Office (or you can actually create it in Google Docs) and then upload to your Google account.  Then, instead of having the spreadsheet saved on your hard drive, it’s saved in cyber space so you can access it anywhere.  AND it’s secure so only you can see it once you log into your Google account (or easily set one up for free).  So….how does one get started with Google Docs?  Go to Google:

Note…you must be logged into your Google account, essentially your Gmail.  Under the “More” tab click on “Documents”.  That takes you to a Google Docs homepage.

Please disregard the documents on “Tupperware”.  I actually did a group project for school on Tupperware…how awesome is that for a Suzie-homemaker type to do a business analysis project on Tupperware?!  Anyway….that is where you can click on the Google Doc you want to work on, kind of like you would select a Word or Excel file saved on your personal computer.  You can also upload a new Google Doc here or start a new one.  Simple as that.  My favorite part of the Google Doc is that you can share it with other people.  The share button is located in the top right hand corner.

So…in my case, I’m sharing my Google Doc with Colby.  Thus, both Colby and I can work on one document, filling in guest addresses and invitees without ever having to worry about two different versions of our database out there.  In fact, you can have multiple people making changes to the document simultaneously.  This was a great feature back in my MBA program days for group projects/papers.  There’s even a chat feature making it that much easier to work on a paper as a group.  But back to our wedding database.  I even went so far as to create multiple spreadsheet tabs: one for a budget, one for our guest list, and then my new favorite…one tab for a task checklist:

This tab is still very much under construction.  I’m sure it will grow feverishly over the next couple of weeks as I start diving deeper into wedding planning.

So that’s my little ditty about Jack & Diane…I mean…our wedding planning database tool.  I hope you enjoyed this week’s Wedding Wednesday post.  Be sure to stop back next Wednesday for a much more exciting post…it’s time to start some wedding crafty projects!  Eeeeeee…….yes!

Pssst…Soooooooo, do I have any readers out there also planning a wedding?  If so I want….no….I NEED to hear from you!  I’m very curious about how everyone else out there is tackling their wedding planning!  Feel free to comment below with any of your super secret hints and tips!


  1. I really love your Google Docs post! I’m just starting to plan a wedding for fall of 2013 and found this post alot of help. I started a spreadsheet in Microsoft Office at fist and was all willie-nillie. Now my fiance and I can both work on this spreadsheet without having to be at home together! Thanks for the post!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was hoping other brides would find this useful. Isn’t it so easy to just upload your spreadsheet to Google?! So easy a caveman could do it! When is your wedding date by the way?

      1. We’re planning for a September/October, 2013 wedding. We aren’t sure of the date quite yet. I figured since it’s a ways out yet we will just go with whatever might be available at the venue we choose. We don’t want to go too late into fall being that we live in Wisconsin…it gets cold early and an outdoor ceremony will be a no go then! Is it weird that I’m not overly excited to be planning a wedding? I think it’s because both my Finace and I are super shy and don’t enjoy dealing with contracts and people we don’t know. 🙁

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