Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal

As promised, tonight’s Wedding Wednesday post is all about the proposal.  As not promised, you also get a little background info on us.  Mostly because I’m breaking my other promise of taking a few updated pictures of us since all our pictures (and there aren’t very many of us together) are BB (that’s before bling).  To make up for it, here is one of my favorite pictures of us at Fenway Park:

So…before I divulge all the dirty details on how the Colb-ster popped the questions.  Here is a little info on how we met.  Well, it’s pretty easy actually.  I was friends with Sarah, Colby was friends with Aaron, Sarah and Aaron began dating, Sarah brings me to Aaron’s birthday party, Aaron brings Colby to his birthday party, the rest they say was history.  We hit it off pretty quick and having mutual friends definitely helped!  The night we met, Sarah and I were sitting directly across from each other at the table of the Sea Dog texting about how cute Colby is!   Colby is totally going to blush when he reads this!!!  Here’s one of my favorite (and unfortunately only) pictures of the four of us at Aaron and Sarah’s wedding:

Ok…so back to the big proposal.  I mentioned back here that Colby proposed in our back yard and disguised the ring as my birthday present.  Well….let’s step back to the day before, that Saturday.  You see…I have this ridiculous knack for guessing my presents.  Mostly it’s because I wear down the present giver with about a million questions trying to figure it out.  Colby is a particularly good target because he’s the worst liar known to man.  So we were coming back from somewhere and I was trying to figure out my birthday presents and I got Colby to give me a hint, “it’s from the dog.”  My guess, “oven mitts.”  Colby just about went berserk because I figured it out.  It was actually quite easy because I just started to think of all the things that Goose has eaten/destroyed over the past year.  So then I started working on figuring out my present from Colby and started with my signature line, “Is it bigger than a bread box and smaller than a house?”  But Colby refused to play my game.

The next morning, Sunday, Colby told me that if I finished my homework (I’m a serious procrastinator with summertime homework…okay okay…with homework in general), he would give me my presents.  I hammered out the work and out came the presents.  I opened up the cards (one from the dog and one from Colby), and opened up my present from Goose which was….gasp….oven mitts!  Then Colby gave me his present which was probably about the size of a bread box.  I knew it was pretty special since he refused to play my game the day before but I didn’t know how special it would be.  In typical Angie fashion I shook the crap out of the box and guessed away with no success.  Finally I opened it up to find a Hannah Montana hat box under all the wrapping paper.  I kid you not.  You can’t make this up.  Here is the proof:

It’s an inside joke…Hannah Montana…I could share it with you but then I would have to kill you.  I kid, I kid…but I’m still not telling you the joke!  The next few moments were a whirlwind.  I opened the box to find this:

Then as I was looking up this came out of Colby’s pocket:

Then he whipped it open and asked me to marry him.  Of course I said yes and then I couldn’t stop (Caution….PDA alert) hugging and kissing him.  I was in a complete euphoric state.  I have to admit, I knew it was coming someday but I had no idea that it would happen then.  Ok…how about another picture of the bling:

Have I mentioned yet that I love it and it’s exactly what I wanted?  Post engagement I called just about my entire family to tell them our good news.  On a slightly creepy, I see the future note, my grandmother actually mentioned that she had a vision that I would be getting engaged that day.  Weird.  After I pried my ear away from my cell phone, Colby and I went out to celebrate by getting lunch at the Sea Dog, the place we first met (cue up the awwwwwww).  So that’s our little engagement story.

Psssssst…Next up for Wedding Wednesday, the introduction of the first member of the wedding party.  Stay tuned.

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