Family picture in front of our 1781 Vermont farmhouse painted white

1781 Vermont Home

Our Current Home

We purchased our current home, a 1781 colonial farmhouse in rural Vermont in 2015 and it was love at first sight.

I’ll never forget the poor man who did our house inspection. He told us, “Well, there’s nothing majorly wrong with the house, but you have a lot of medium sized projects and those add up.”

We’ve been tackling those medium sized projects slowly, over time while bringing back some of the old home charm and adding a fresh spin to this old bone.

1910 Maine Cottage Home | Angie's Roost Maine Home

1910 Maine Home

Our First Home

There’s a soft spot in every person’s heart for their first home and that rings true for me and our 1910 Maine cottage home.

This was a true fixer upper and labor of love. We poured everything we had into this home and learned so much about renovating along the way.

We wrapped up our final project, a kitchen remodel, cooked one meal in that kitchen, and put it up for sale.