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Boom It’s On

Yesterday’s post was all about Eminem, I mean, prepping our bedrooms for demolition chaos and today it’s apparently all about the Ying Yang Twins because “Boom!  It’s on!”.  And by “Boom!  It’s on!”, I mean we completely DESTROYED our bedrooms.  Consider this the calm before the storm.

Colby completely removed the window in our master bedroom so we could just throw all the construction debris out of it onto the ground below, instead of trekking it through our house, leaving a trail of dust and debris behind us.  With both rooms completely cleared out, we said a few words during the opening ceremonies before Colby took the inaugural swing.

And actually did a little damage.

My inaugural swing was a bit more for show.  I’m like the inaugural first pitch thrower outer that just barely gets the ball to roll to the catcher.  The ball may have even stopped with this throw:

You should know that this was the extent of my contributions in the demolition arena.  Our demolition system consisted of Colby going to town ripping and tearing and I was responsible for the cleanup.  After a couple of hours, we were already making some progress.

See that pile of construction debris on the floor in the guest room?  That was the mess that Colby made and what I ended up picking up.  Even the ceiling came down in both rooms.

And of course we wore the proper personal protection apparel including dust masks.  Thank you 3M for saving our lungs!  But anyway, as I mentioned before, Colby went to town in the rooms tearing down all the layers of plaster and lathe with a hammer and Sawzall combo.  Meanwhile, I walked the mile, the green mile.

That’s the roof above our kitchen, which is just outside the guest room and master bedroom windows.  While Colby destroyed things, I grabbed an armful of construction debris, climbed out the window, walked the mile the green mile, and threw the debris to the ground.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  I tended to grab armfuls of lathe but scooped the plaster into trash bags.  I must have made a couple hundred trips back and forth.  Oh…and I almost forgot, the path on the roof, that green stuff, is the carpet pad from the guest room.  We tried to protect our roof from getting damaged from all the increased roof traffic.  We also utilized the old, blue carpet and made a target out of it down below.

And took a little video. Shortly after this, we realized it would be much easier just to back the pickup truck into the bullseye position and throw all the materials into the truck instead of onto the ground and then into the truck.  It’s way less fun that way but it got the job done quicker and easier.

It didn’t take long to fill the truck up this way.

Once the truck was filled, we took a trip to the dump which is only a few minutes away from our home.  And as planned, we took FULL advantage of free dump week.  Five trips to the dump later, our master bedroom looked alot like this:

Just about everything came down except for the old closet.  That space actually had modern sheetrock so we kept it.

We left alot of the old insulation but some of it had to come down.  There were some areas where the insulation was damaged from a fire way back when, other areas where it was missing altogether, and other areas where it was sparse.  But that’s another post for another day.

It’s amazing that it only takes a day to demo a room and it will probably take about three months to put it all back together again.  But that’s the fun part!  I despise demo…absolutely hate it.  I think it’s all the dust and displacement of the norm and did I mention the dust?!  I hate the dust and the dirt and the mess!  But once we finish insulating and put back all the sheet rock, I’ll be much happier.  But I am so thankful that we were able to finish the demo in one day.  It’s hard!  Really hard!  I still can’t stand erect and I feel like an old lady (so sore).  It certainly made me appreciate my desk job!

Pssst…I promise, this is the last, let’s make a mess post for this week.  Two is more than enough for one week.  Back to something fun and exciting tomorrow, like bling!


  1. holy crapola 5 dump trips! I am envious of your free dump week. I can’t wait to see the progress, you will have so much to post about in the next few months! Then when you’re done, come down here to PA pretty please and help me? Haha thanks!

    What did you guys do with Goose during all this? yard time?

    1. Haha! I’ll be right down to PA…just give me a few hours! We tried to put Goose outside on his run but he wasn’t having it. He just unhappily barked at us so we brought him inside. We kept the bedroom doors so we just closed them, locking Goose out of the construction zone. But Goose waited for us right outside the door. His nose was covered with dust afterwards because he kept sticking it under one of the doors! He may have some attachment issues!

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