Demo Time

Our first major house project is the bathroom.  Why?  It’s gross, we have a month to do it before we move in, and why not?!  It only took Colby about a day to demo the place a few Saturdays ago.  Apparently that’s the easy part!  Check out some of our demo pictures and the beginnings of putting things back together.  In the process, Colby has become a master plumber thanks to his boy Stephen at Lowes who he visits often!  The first few days of their relationship Stephen had his doubts that Colby could actually pull off re-doing the plumbing.  “You sure you want to do this man?” was his reaction to some of Colby’s questions.  But we now have running water, hot water even, and a tub and sink that both drain!  Colby still pulls up the floor boards every day or so to make sure nothing is leaking but I’m sure that will stop once the tile is laid and he can’t get in there anymore!

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