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Evolution Of The First Floor Bathroom Renovation

First off, thank you all so much for the sweet comments about our first-floor bathroom renovation progress so far.  It’s so crazy how when you live through the projects and they’re happening at a snail’s pace, it doesn’t really feel like progress.  But you guys definitely made us feel like we made some respectable headway in redoing the space.

So today let’s look at the details of what we’ve done so far.  Kind of a step-by-step evolution of the first-floor bathroom renovation.  We’ll also do a budget check since we’re trying to keep this entire project, decor and all, under $500.  That’s for construction materials, decor, and new towels (because ours are in desperate need of replacement since they’re white and have had a series of unfortunate rust stains that may just look like blood).  So starting out, the bathroom looked like this:

Bathroom Demo Pseudo Complete

That’s after we had ripped out a weird little wall and sliding door between the toilet section and the tub section due to mold and poor airflow.  This also meant that we ripped out the drop ceiling that was put in to house the vent on the toilet side.  So here’s the play-by-play.

Bathroom renovation progress in November

November 2016 Progress:

  1. More demo…ceilings and walls came down, shower doors removed, second door to kitchen removed, and blue accent tiles chipped out from the shower.
  2. Closed up the second door to the kitchen and framed out a wall cabinet in its place.
  3. Sheet rocked the upper walls and added bead board to the lower walls.  Recycled picture rail removed from other rooms to use as chair rail trim.
  4. Ran new electrical for a pair of ceiling lights and roughed in electrical for switches and outlet.
  5. Ran new duct work for shower vent and installed vent.
  6. Strapped ceiling for planking and added a moisture barrier to help alleviate mold issues.
  7. Mudded, sanded, mudded, sanded……(repeat for what seems like all of eternity).
  8. Removed the old slider door, widened the door opening, and moved the door that went to the kitchen to be the only bathroom entrance door.
  9. Trimmed out the door.
Bathroom renovation progress in November

Thank goodness so much got done in November because then came December and the holidays and things slowed pretty much way down.  But a few finish-work items got taken care of.

Bathroom renovation progress in December

December 2016 Progress:

  1. The ceiling planking was pre-cut, pre painted, and then installed.
  2. Upper walls primed.
  3. Replacement tiles were installed and grouted in both the shower and the floor.
  4. The shower vent is installed and functional.
Bathroom renovation progress in December

January was when the magic happened.  Suddenly we were in an “OMG we’re going to have a baby soon so we need to finish all the things” kind of mode.  It was ironic that I felt that way since my actual energy level was more suited for napping on the couch or cruising Netflix.  Nine months pregnant problems.

First floor bathroom renovation progress with planked ceiling, beadboard walls, and slate tile

January 2017 Progress:

  1. Painted the upper walls a dark blue (it’s Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur).
  2. Painted the bead board white.
  3. Installed baseboards, crown, and other miscellaneous trim painting everything the same glossy white (all Benjamin Moore White Dove).
  4. Caulked the tub.
  5. Installed outlets, switches, and covers.
  6. Switched out the toilet seat and handle hardware (no more wood toilet seat!) for a more timeless look.
  7. Hung a mirror which we stole from another room.
  8. Installed a pair of globe light fixtures.
Bathroom renovation progress in January

And this is where she stands.  In a much improved, but still in a void of personality state.  But that’s where things like shower curtains (we currently just have a liner hanging) and towels come into play.  So what’s next?  We have a few projects that we want to finish up like making a door for the built-in cabinet:

Bathroom renovation progress in January

Then there are other projects like painting the door white, sewing a skirt to hide the sink plumbing, framing the mirror, and hanging some towel hooks.  We’re so close to finishing that we can taste it!

Bathroom renovation progress in January

So how’s our budget looking?  Or more specifically, how much is left over in the budget so I can splurge on fancy towels?  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ceiling planking:  $150
  • Beadboard:  $60
  • Sheetrock and mud (scrapped together from stuff we already had):  $0
  • Trim (a combination of some new pine and recycling stuff we had):  $60
  • Paint (already had…the dark paint we bought for our kitchen cabinets and have yet to use it and the white is the same white we’ve used throughout our house):  $0
  • Shower tiles and grout (tiles left in the basement from the previous owners and grout leftover from our last bathroom project):  $0
  • Floor tiles and grout:  $12
  • Vent and ductwork:  $35
  • Pair of ceiling lights:  $14
  • Switches, outlets, light boxes, covers, and miscellaneous electrical stuff we didn’t already have:  $20
  • Toilet seat and handle:  $33
  • Total Cost So Far:  $384

I’m feeling a little nervous about the leftover $116 since I’m pretty sure it’s not going to cover the coveted Ballard shower curtain and Pendleton towels I’ve had my eye on.  But I’m sure I can get the finished product to clock in somewhere close.  Until next time.


  1. What brand of ceiling planking did you use? Did you have to install furring strips first or were you able to install the ceiling planking directly to the ceiling? My husband and I want to cover all the ugly popcorn ceilings in our home but are struggling to find the best product to use. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Your bathroom remodel is looking amazing!

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