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Let’s set the record straight.  We have this room in our house with multiple personality disorder.  It started off as an “office” and then turned into a “craft room”, but when we decided to turn our “then guest room” into an “Etsy office” the “craft room” became the guest room.  So for the record, I’m calling this space the craft room/guest room.  Although a better name for it might be “Goose’s room” since this is where he sleeps every night and is pretty much the only person/dog using the room.  Regardless of what we call it, the room is a mess.

You know when you’re working on other rooms in your house, like EVERY other room in your house and then there is this one finished space that gets ignored and neglected?  That’s this space for us.  Random things pile up on the desk, Goose somehow accumulates more blankets on his bed than we have on ours (Princess Goose), and plants die.  Poor room.

Messes like these are the kind that send me to my spinning place.  I start cleaning up one corner and then I find myself washing the windows which leads to vacuuming up all the Goose hairs and questioning how so much hair can come off one little dog, and three hours later I’m still in the room cleaning, reorganizing and spiffing things up.  General spinning.  But the big problem area of the space…the ginormous pile of blankets hanging out in the corner.  There used to be an equally ginormous basket there to corral the mess but that has since been relocated to the Etsy office.  So when I found a $5 basket at a local antiques store, I brought it home with a purpose.

It’s not often that I pass by a basket in any store that I don’t like, but I really dig the pseudo falling apart-ness going on with the basket.  And for $5 smackers?  Pssshhhht…purchase!  Even if it falls apart in a year, that’s still five bucks well spent.

The one thing I didn’t dig was the color, which is something I could easily rectify with my itchy spray painting trigger finger.  So out came my new best friend, liquid deglosser, to give the entire basket a good wipe down before spray painting.

I love liquid deglosser.  Seriously, liquid deglosser companies of the world, sign me up for blog sponsorships.  I accept payment in forms of liquid deglosser and liquid deglosser only.  Deal?  The stuff is amazing.  Not only does it do what it says and degloss a surface to make it easier for paint to stick to it, it’s also an amazing cleaning agent.  It’s like sanding AND cleaning all in one step!  It cleaned up the basket so well that it was actually stripping the green paint right off of it.

After deglossing, I layered on about four super thin and even coats of paint using our paint sprayer, which we’re still loving FYI.  Although, more often than not we find it annoying when we have to water down our paint before spraying.

Once the basket was painted, I let it cure and harden for the next two days before plopping it back upstairs in the guest bedroom.  I packed up all the extra sheets, pillows, and the feather bed that we use to make up the guest bed, and put them in the attic.  Since we have guests stay over so infrequently, it didn’t seem necessary to keep those out.  So a Grandma Gert quilt and a pillow is all we really needed in here.

And with that, a refreshed guest bedroom/craft room.

The extra Princess Goose blankets got the boot and we tucked his bed underneath the couch/fold out bed.  At night when we tuck Goose in bed for the night (I wish we were kidding…he gets a nighttime cookie too…go ahead…judge…no wonder he’s a princess), we can just pull out the bed and plop it on the couch.  No floor sleeping allowed for Princess Goose.  Then the pillows can just get tucked into the new basket to avoid drowning in Goose hairs again.

I didn’t realize our Bob Ross, happy little accident until taking pics of the room.  Notice the coordinating Goose bed fabric with chair recovering fabric?  I wish I could say I meant to do that, but no.

I do have a couple of little refreshes for this space coming down the pipe including a light fixture revamp and some artwork.  It’s been so long since we’ve done anything to this room that it seems like a good time to give it a little makeover.  Small tweaks and small victories.

Pssst…Any small victories in your neck of the woods?  Did any of you also tackle some much overdue cleaning this weekend?

Pssssssst…So I’m trying to jump back in the blogging every day saddle this week.  I’ve been a super slacker blogger lately thanks to a day job and essentially a second full time job with the Etsy shop.  But I have plans to rectify that situation which I CAN’T WAIT to share with you!  Very exciting things happening here at the Campbell house.  So check back tomorrow for another brilliant post!  Oh, who am I kidding, more like sub-par, full of bad puns, is anyone really reading this kind of post.  Until tomorrow…Angie…out.


    1. Sadly…it always seems like we’re too busy working on other rooms to enjoy this room. At least Goose uses it! Ha!

  1. Angie…the room looks great! And I think the liquid de-glosser owners better listen! You had me sold and you can bet now that I will use it for all my other projects! Never would have thought to use it before when painting smaller items! 😉

  2. This is our most favorite room in the Campbell household. That beautiful blue paint on the wall, the lovely pine boards on the floor and the blue and white accessories. Goose has a great room to sleep in, lucky him.

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