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Halloween Decorating

This weekend I finally got my butt in gear and hauled out the Halloween decorations.  Last year our house was a complete disaster so I missed out on all the Halloween decorating (and even Christmas decorating).  I did throw out some decorations on the porch last year but it was just on Halloween to attract the trick-or-treaters.  So this year I hauled them all out of their organized and labeled storage containers and set them up in the parlor, where the hopefully soon-to-be-built desk is going.

Yup…that’s all of my Halloween decorations right there.  Amazing how I used to have them all over my tiny old apartment and it felt very Halloweenish but here, with alot more space to work with, they feel small.  Craft time to grow the collection?  Perhaps.  Let me introduce you to all the guys and ghouls hanging out in the parlor.  Meet monsieur gargoyle and monsieur spider:

The gargoyles came from Target a few years ago and the spider is a tea light holder from Pottery Barn.  Goose, by the way, is scared to death of the gargoyles.  He treads lightly around them and always has one eye fixed on them waiting to make his move.  Then there’s this old hag, also from Target:

Sometimes she’s all nice like up above, but if you catch her at just the right angle she gets a little ugly.

And then there is my pride and joy, my favorite Halloween decoration, the candelabra.

He was my first ever Halloween decoration that I purchased from Pottery Barn back in my college days.  He had me at hello and we’ve been tight ever since.  He reminds me of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast (one of my all time favorite Disney movies by the way).  The touch of spiders on the candles helps up the creepy ante.  And then you can’t forget the quintessential flower/skull combo.

I love fake flowers, I really do.  Call me cheesy or un-classy but I think they’re awesome!  They never die, even when you forget to water them, and they always look so perfect!

And then there is my latest addition, the metal pumpkin pail that I picked up from TJ Maxx.

I didn’t have a candy bowl for handing out candy to our local trick-or-treaters so I was in desperate need for one.  And at eleven bucks, I couldn’t beat it.  Now all seven kids that typically come to visit us (yes…we counted…and yes I consider one Halloween at the house “typical”…and the counting kids is a bit of a contest in my family) can pick out their treats in style!

Psst…..ok…so I must confess…this is not my best work.  I’m a little disappointed with tonight’s blog post and the boring-ness and plain-ness of my Halloween decorations.  I can’t believe I haven’t crafted ANYTHING yet for Halloween!  This needs to change…stat!  I see everyone out there on Pinterest and in the blog-o-sphere making amazing things, oozing with creativity and I’m a little jealous.  Ok…off to bed to wallow in my Halloween blues sorrows.

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