Here’s A Curtain, There’s A Curtain, Everywhere A Curtain Curtain

I’m about to let you in on the deep, dark, inner workings of my brain, particularly with my thought process.  Women and small children, those who are pregnant or who could become pregnant should use caution before proceeding.  Officially consider yourself warned.  This evening…we’re talking about curtains with and underlying theme of my indecision.  And it all started with these guys.

I went to Target the other day with a shopping list that included “tea, rubber gloves for cleaning, and some Goose cookies”.  Somehow I ended up in the curtain aisle after a brief stint perusing the sheets.  Dang you Target (she says while shaking fist in air)!  It’s like that cartoon on Sarah’s blog post about our Target edition of the Inspired Design Challenge.  Isn’t that crazy?!  The cartoon was about impulsively buying curtains and I JUST impulsively bought curtains!  Target gets me every time.  I couldn’t resist the pair of coral curtains, which were $24 a pop and we could use some curtains for the Etsy office, right?!.  The poor window was naked…a Will Ferrel “we’re all going streaking” kind of naked.

So home I came with my pair of coral curtains and a basic, $10 curtain rod, ready to put Colby to work on hanging the suckers.  Simple project, right?!  No such thing!  We LOVE hanging curtains on the studs.  Especially since Goose has a habit of yanking on the curtains while he’s “protecting” us from evil yard squirrels.  But alas, the studs around this wall were completely off center and generally out of whack.  One stud was just above the trim and the other was about a foot off.

So we improvised and tried our hand at some super heavy duty, you can swing off this sheet rock screw like a monkey, anchors.  This was our first go around using the anchors and so far so good on the ruggedness quotient.  To install, it was just a matter of drilling a hole into the sheetrock using a spade bit, inserting the screw with the “wing part” into the wall.  And then tightening the whole thing up until the curtain hanging bracket is flush and tight with the wall.

And tah-dah!  Coral curtains in the Etsy office!

I love them!  Stupidly, ridiculously love the coral curtains in this space….however….of course there had to be a “however”, I already had this fabric kicking around:

I had picked up the fabric for around $20 during a not so recent Jo-Ann’s fabric sale and got just enough fabric to make curtains for this space.  Mind you, this was back when we were going to turn this room into a guest bedroom with a daybed in front of the window, complete with tons of white, squishy pillows for lounging.  And this fabric was going to be the big pop of color, curtain fabric.  But now that we turned the space into a workspace, design plans have changed.  But I still wanted to give the curtains a chance, so I quickly snipped the fabric in half to make two panels, and clipped the panels up onto the curtain rod.

Please excuse the fabric pooling on the floor.  I still have yet to sew these bad boys.

Hmmm…I kind of like these curtains too.  I sense a dilemma brewing.  This has the potential to rival the great “which spatula do I buy debate” of 2002.  Do I get the spatula with slats?  Or the solid spatula?  Hmmmm…three hours later (I kid you not) I still couldn’t decide and came home with both spatulas.  Both of which I’ve used up until Goose became a part of our lives and decided spatulas ranked right up there with meaty bones on the yumminess scale.

So if I keep the green/yellow curtains in the craft room, what to do with the coral curtains?  They were clearly not going back to Target.  They’re just too pretty for that and were destined to live in my home.  Then I remembered the dining room and the black plaid curtains in there.

I’ve been thinking of replacing them for a brighter pair.  Coral is brighter than black.  Situation solved.

Swoon!  I love those curtains!  I swear since replacing the black plaid curtains with the coral curtains, the room feels brighter and more dynamic.  It’s like all of a sudden there’s life in the room and the windows no longer just fall flat.  The coral really makes the room pop.

So here’s the worst part of this dilemma…I love the coral curtains in BOTH the Etsy office and the dining room.  What to do, what to do?!  Do I keep the coral curtains in the dining room and the green/yellow curtains upstairs in the office?  Or do we put the coral curtains back upstairs and bring back the black plaid curtains?  Or maybe go a completely different route in the dining room?  Oh decisions how I loathe thee!  Save me!

Pssst…I just have to mention, I’m about to head to the Haven Conference and am SO ridiculously excited about going!  If you’re heading to Haven, let me know so we can meet up!


  1. I think that the coral look better upstairs! I would leave the black plaid and leave the extra fabric for another project down the line!

    1. Thanks Marianna! That’s totally what I’m thinking too! It’s just too pretty NOT to hang the curtains upstairs. Maybe the fabric could be used for a bench cushion cover for the porch someday…hmmm.

    1. OH! Do you ever read the blog Sarah M Dorsey designs? She did something like that a month or so ago and it was AMAZING! Do it!

  2. Omg. Those coral curtains look fantastic! When Kyle and I buy a house you are totally going to have to come over and help us decorate! We pay with beer. Kyle will be making a home made batch soon!

    1. You have yourself a deal! Because A) I love to decorate and do house projects, and more importantly B) I DO work for beer! Yum! What did Kyle make? I adore home brew!

  3. we would leave the coral curtains upstairs and put the yellow and green curtains in the dining room and put the black curtains away for another project.

    1. Thanks Gram & Pat! I’m thinking coral upstairs, black curtains are going to come back downstairs, and the green fabric can be used for the bench cushion for the porch if I ever get around to it!

  4. Hrm, this is a dilemma. I really like those coral curtains, period. They look best in the craft room—just a tad unexpected and it really wakes up the space. And I like the plaid curtains in the dining room—very homey. So I’m going to agree with Marianna’s comment on this one!

    1. Hmmm…me thinks I’m switching them back. In person, I totally like both sets in the Etsy office, but as soon as I see the photos of the coral curtains in there…winner winner chicken dinner!

  5. I love the coral in the work room, they look so good there. Would the others (the yellow) look good in your bedroom?

    1. I think you just gave me that “aha” moment…yes…why yes I think they would! I’m off to go “play” curtains now! Thanks for the idea!

      1. That aha moment was inspired by your adorable yellow lamp shade! It turned out really cute and anthropologie-ish!

  6. I do not envy your dilemma there because I love them both too! I have almost (I mean had in the shopping cart) purchased those same coral curtains twice. I have fallen in love with that green and yellow floral fabric… any chance you know the designer and pattern name of the fabric?

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