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While we’re diligently staining and polying our hallway floor like good little DIYers, let’s share one of our weekend activities.  We try to escape the house as much as possible.  Is it sad that these two homebodies literally have to tell ourselves to go out more?  For instance, this weekend I said, “Self…we have got to go check out the Bangor Garden Show”.  Typically I would have spent my Easter weekend up in Northern Maine visiting my family but for some reason we didn’t stray too far from the pad, which gave us the opportunity to check out the show.  The Bangor Garden Show has been one of those shows that rolls into town every year and for some reason every year I find an excuse not to go.  But alas…this year we made it.

The show was completely not what I expected but really cool.  For some reason I had it in my mind that it would be like a farmers’ market but for flowers and pretty plants in lie of veggies.  But instead, I found several garden displays and many vendors selling everything from decorated clay pots to herbs and even homemade ice cream.  But what really caught my attention were the eight garden displays put together by local gardeners and landscapers.  Here are a few of my favorites starting with this rustic garden pond from Stonescapes & Watergardens.

Colby and I have been discussing the logistics of putting in a similar water feature in the back 40 (that’s back 40 square feet…not the back 40 acres…we wish).  We need alot of dirt to fill the new raised bed planters and haven’t yet figured out where it’s all coming from…enter removing dirt for a garden pond.  This pond gave us alot of inspiration and ideas for how we might tackle that.  But that’s a big might!  Then I fell in love with these garden chairs from Harbor Shore Lanscaping.

While I was drooling over this pair of rustic garden chairs, imagining them once again in the back 40, I heard someone call out “hey Angie, how are ya?!”  Totally taken aback, I found out that Harbor Shore Landscaping is owned by one of my high school classmates, Matt Cronin.  I couldn’t believe it!  It’s funny when you run into people you haven’t seen in so long in such random places.  Anyway, I gushed about his design and wished him well with his biz before trolling the rest of the displays.  Next up, this gorgeous garden structure from Cozy Acres Greenhouses (who doesn’t seem to have a website).

Hello gorgeous!  Where have you been all my life?!  If I could take this greenhouse home with me in my pocket I totally wood (ahaha…wood…that was actually a typo but I chose not to change it out because of the punn-i-ness of it all).  I love everything about this structure and the gardens within it.  Everything was so gorgeous and well put together.  I especially loved the stone pavers and envision something similar for our someday patio.

By the end of the show I had accumulated tons of ideas, learned about many of the plants from reading each vendors literature on the plants they used, discovered some great greenery for our zone, and was inspired to get out and work on our garden.  But alas…it was snowing out…so no gardening yet for us.  Le sigh.  Oh when oh when will it be sunny and warm?!

Pssst…I just have to put it out there…all of you folk living in the southern states…I’m totally jealous that your gardens are popping up.  Please oh please be spending some time bonding with your plants while we’re still fending off the snow and ice here in Maine.  So dish…what have you been planting in your gardens lately?


  1. I love that greenhouse. Wow i can’t believe you guys still have snow. Its really sunny and the trees, plants are blooming here but its not really warm yet, can’t wait for May. I got a boston fern hanging on my porch but its going to 38 tonight in PA, yikes hope she survives

    1. I know…don’t you want to just live in that greenhouse?! So jealous that things are blooming in PA. It’s nut-so that our states aren’t THAT far apart but such a big temperature difference! Hope your fern survived! I’m pulling for it!

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